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Vampire Weekend


SBTRKT Announces ‘Wonder Where We Land’ LP, Shares ‘New Dorp, New York’ Feat. Ezra Koenig

SBTRKT, the masked producer that walks the world as a Aaron Jerome, is back with a full-length LP now announced, his follow-up to 2011’s self-titled effort.


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Governors Ball 2014: A Chat About What Worked and What Didn’t

Here’s to Jenny Lewis’ rainbow/beige pant-suit, Neko Case’s skeleton pants, the Kills’ leopard-print backdrop, Ezra Koenig’s camo shorts, and Janelle always giving us shivers when she sings ‘Given ‘Em What They Love.’


(James K. Lowe)

Repeat That First Tweet—Our Favorite Musicians’ Top Debut Tweets

They didn’t miss a beat, but did you miss their first tweet?  Coming into its 8th anniversary, social media giant, Twitter, has released a website tool that allows you to track down the very first […]


(image via The Rolling Stones)

Why 19 Nervous Breakdowns? Why Not 29?

On this day in the year 1966 the number #1 song in England (and #2 in the USA) was the Rolling Stones 19th Nervous Breakdown. That’s how good Top 40 was then. Of course the […]


86th Annual Academy Awards - Karen O & Ezra Koenig (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Watch Karen O Perform ‘The Moon Song’ with Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend at The Oscars

From the movie ‘Her’ (note the matching socks).


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A Vampire Weekend Valentine – Cover Of Andrea Bocelli [Free Download]

Worlds have collided, and the result is amazing. By worlds, we mean your Mother’s music taste has collided with your own. Vampire Weekend has been known to have fun with covers in the past, but […]


(Alex John Beck/XL Records)

Behind The Song: Vampire Weekend’s ‘Diane Young’

Frontman Ezra Koenig on about how their hit single from the GRAMMY-nominated ‘Modern Vampires of the City’ went through a rough ugly duckling stage until they figured out that vocal effect—you know the one.


Kevin Winter for CBS Radio

Vampire Weekend, Beck, Fiona Apple, on Starbucks Covers Compilation

You won’t be seeing this compilation on the rack next to the breath mints and Madeleine cookies for a few months now, but when you do see it at the front of Starbucks, it’ll be pretty enticing.



The Best Selling Vinyl Releases Of 2013

Vinyl is not dead. Nor does it only appeal to the “older generation” or “hipsters”. Many people across all ages are still choosing to purchase vinyl records over the common alternatives of CD or MP3, especially when it comes to their favorite albums or artists. Several new release albums are still being offered in vinyl form due to the existing market for them. So, in no particular order, here’s our list of the top ten vinyl album releases of 2013.


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10 Wonderfully Weird Music Videos

A list of the “Weirdest Music Videos of All Time” representing the entire 93XRT listener pool could never be compiled. We have our own strange style (some of us more so than others) and take the bizarre in varying doses. So here are 10 videos ranging from eccentric to eerie. A little something for the weirdo inside of us all.