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Watch Bono Give XRT A Shoutout At Last Night’s U2 Concert

We’ve been with Bono and U2 since day one and together have shared numerous memorable experiences. Well, add last night to the books!


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It’s “U2’s Day” On XRT’s Friday Feature!

Whenever we devote our Friday Feature to the music of U2, we assume that all the radios, smart phones, and other audio devices that are tuned in will be cranked to their optimum levels for the majority of the day.


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5 Of The Best U2 Songs Performed At Chicago Shows

U2 has a concert series coming up at the United Center, so here are five U2 performances out of Chicago that were extremely memorable.


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U2 Had An Insane Guest List For Their Los Angeles Shows

It’s no surprise that celebrities would attend a U2 concert, let alone in Los Angeles, but this guest list is off the charts.


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U2 Brought Out an Elvis Impersonator On Stage Due to Technical Difficulties: Watch

They ended up performing “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”


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Bono Leaves $150 Tip For Waitress That’s Worked At The Same Deli For 50 Years

U2 is in the midst of a 5-night run in Los Angeles. Outside of performing at smaller clubs, what does the band do in its downtime? For Bono, it’s sampling some of Los Angeles’ finest dining.


U2 at roxy in LA club show

U2 Turn Back the Clock with Epic L.A. Club Show

For the intimate concert at L.A.’s club Roxy, Bono and company reached back to the band’s beginnings for the fan-focused setlist.


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U2 Honor Fallen Tour Manager Dennis Sheehan Live in Los Angeles

“He always thought maybe U2 could be the next Led Zeppelin, which of course is impossible.”


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Bono Impersonator Joins U2 On Stage In Los Angeles To Sing “Sweetest Thing”

For someone in a cover band, it must be a pipe dream to ever think that you would get the call to sing with the actual band. Two days ago in Los Angeles, exactly that happened for a Bono impersonator.


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U2 Announce Tiny Los Angeles Club Show at the Roxy

Bono says it’ll be one of their smallest shows in four decades.