Talking Heads' David Byrne Creates Musical Inspired by Joan of Arc"Joan’s trial was the first to be so well documented – so there was a lot of that trial’s testimony to draw on."
Introducing the XRT / Goose Island 'Music in Motion' Film SeriesThe first show in the XRT / Goose Island 'Music in Motion' Film Series is 'Stop Making Sense' - The Talking Heads pivotal 1984 concert film.
VIDEO: Lady Gaga & Mark Ronson Cover Talking Heads "Burning Down The House"Lady Gaga & Mark Ronson took to the Met Gala after party last night to cover "Burning Down The House".
Head To Head Friday Double Feature With Talking Heads & RadioheadOur Friday Double Feature offers a head to head matchup between Talking Heads and Radiohead.
5 Reunions That Need To Happen In 2016As the year starts to wind down, we begin to look forward to 2016 and all the possibilities it holds. In the music world, one of the best types of speculation is trying to figure out which bands will break their hiatus and reunite. Some bands are more likely to reunite than others, but nevertheless, here are 5 bands that need to reunite in 2016.
Celebrate Labor Day Weekend With A David Byrne/Talking Heads Friday Feature!
Alive and Well: 10 Songs That Are Better Done Live [Playlist]A live performance makes a distinction between great bands and mediocre ones. It is fairly easy nowadays to make a studio recording sound great ,with the help of auto tune, editing software and more. But, what happens when the artist has to perform live in front of all their fans?
David Byrne/Talking Heads Friday Feature -- XRT Must Be The PlaceImagine (or remember) what FM radio sounded like back in the late 1970's when Talking Heads first emerged. They were ahead of their time, and XRT took great pride in supporting their music from the very beginning. Join us for a day devoted to the world of Byrne recordings, from his years with Talking Heads through his always ambitious solo projects. Starting on the XRT morning show.
You Need To Check Out This Rare Concert Footage Of Talking Heads In 1980Talking Heads visual claim to fame came from their 1984 concert documentary Stop Making Sense. Rightfully so, the film did a standout job of capturing the dynamic environment of a Talking Heads performance. Recently, video footage surfaced from a Talking Heads show in 1980 that is absolutely astonishing.
Need A Costume Idea? Try Phish's "Musical Costume" With 5 Of Their Best Halloween ShowsFew bands invoke the level of excitement, anticipation, and curiosity on Halloween as Phish. Phish are known for covering another band’s album in its entirety calling it a “musical costume.” In honor of Phish playing a sold out three night run from 10/31-11/2 in Las Vegas this year, we take a look back at 5 of the top musical costumes from Phish’s past Halloween runs. Let the controversy begin!
Arcade Fire's Coolest Covers, What Will They Play In Chicago? [Playlist]
Ten Concert Movies To Get Dad For Father's Day

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