First Pitch w/ Lin Brehmer (photo: Chicago White Sox)

For Openers: Lin Brehmer & Chicago White Sox Opening Day

Maybe it started early. Seven years old, your back against the warm red brick of the corner candy store, holding an improbably colored bottle of pop. Something like Tahitian Treat or Mountain Dew. Your throat choked with those slabs of baseball card bubble gum while you study those stats with an intensity “A Tale of Two Cities” will never inspire.


New York Mets v Chicago Cubs

Chicago Baseball Season Preview

Spring Training always sneaks up on us. Football season just ended, The Olympics are on center stage, and it’s been one miserable winter. I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Chicago baseball is almost here, with spring training games starting in just two short weeks. The bad news is that once again, the Cubs and the Sox will most likely be out of it by June. Here are some tunes and story lines to get you ready for this season.



For Openers: Lin Brehmer Welcomes The Baseball Season Back To Chicago [Listen]

On the morning of opening day in 1992, I wrote a short piece about how it feels to welcome back the baseball season. It has become a tradition for me to read “For Openers” at […]


Crosstown Classic: Letters From The South & North

Lin Brehmer Sings The 7th Inning Stretch At Wrigley Field Ken Burns may have issued the definitive documentary on The Civil War, but XRT knows of a different kind of civil war, the Crosstown Classic. […]


NFL Picks With Jason Thomas – Playoff Damage Assessment

3-1 for the Wild Card round, followed by a 1-3 in the divisional games, plus a 1-1 for the conference championships equals a big, fat, mediocre .500 record.  Whatever.  Something to focus on now if […]