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Remembering The Great Chicago Blizzard of 1967The city was brought to a standstill. Side streets were impassable. There was so much snow, we couldn't even skitch on the back of cars. There were no cars. 50,00 autos were abandoned.
Celebration In North Dakota - News With Mary DixonMembers of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe are celebrating after the Army opted to block the Dakota Access pipeline from going through territory near their reservation. They and their fellow protesters have argued for months the project would violate a treaty with the US and threaten their water supply ... It's pretty much melting now but we had a record snowfall yesterday, with 6.4" at O'Hare ... Police in Harvey have busted a man suspected of killing a security guard last month ... A criminal investigation's been launched into a warehouse fire during a party Friday in Oakland. At least 36 (UPDATED) people have died ... President-elect Donald Trump is nominating former rival Ben Carson to lead the department of Housing and Urban Development, a few weeks after Carson declined Health and Human Services because of his lack of experience in running a federal agency ... The Bears beat the 49ers in a glorious victory at Soldier Field, while the Blackhawks lost to the Jets ... We're expecting a little fog this morning, and then cloudy skies with temperatures in the mid-30s.
Yikes! Chicago Could Get Snowfall This WeekendYou won't need to break out the shovels, but this will bum people out hoping for warmer temperatures.
Get Excited! It's Supposed To Snow This WeekendAccording to the CBS Chicago weather forecast, it's going to snow this weekend. Now, before you bemoan about this inevitable meteorological event, realize that it was bound to happen at some point. With that in mind, let's take a look at the various stages a Chicagoan goes through when snow arrives.
Snow Day!
Do We Remember Snow?
5 Essential Snowfall Songs

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