Saturday Morning Flashback

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This Week On Saturday Morning Flashback: 1968 [Playlist]

Few years during the past few generations can compare for the quantity of timeless music, groundbreaking social movement, and widespread cultural evolution. Join Wendy Rice 8am-Noon on Saturday Morning Flashback as she revisits the pivotal […]


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Saturday Morning Flashback: 1977

Beginning at 8 AM, tune in for Saturday Morning Flashback: 1977 with Wendy Rice!


92 ID Mary

Flashback Friday – 1992!

Let’s all go back to the year of flannel, Doc Martens, Pearl Jam, and the memory of a cub reporter losing her way around Chicago. 1992 was my first full year at XRT. I was […]



Flashback: The Making of “I’m Not In Love” by 10cc [Listen]

Johnny Mars will be behind the board for Saturday Morning Flashback — 1977. He just dropped my a line saying he’s going to give a spin to 10cc’s “I’m Not In Love,” early in the show. This is a track full of 70s studio magic and worth checking out in more detail.

If you have a few free minutes, watch this short documentary on the making of the song below and how the band used vocal loops the create the breathy atmosphere that makes this recording so unique.



Saturday Morning Flashback: 5/11/13 [Playlist]

Next week: 1983 This Week’s Playlist: 1992 Song – Artist Steam – Peter Gabriel Love – The Sundays Friday I’m in Love – The Cure Beneath the Damage and the Dust – Peter Himmelman Saturday […]



Saturday Morning Flashback: 1975 [Playlist]

While 1975 is often remembered as a major year for disco, we delved, dipped, and even dove into the XRT archives for a potpourri of musical genres. We need at least another paragraph in here […]



Saturday Morning Flashback: 1978 [Playlist]

While 1978 is often remembered as a major year for disco, we delved, dipped, and even dove into the XRT archives for a potpourri of musical genres… Next week: 1984 This Week’s Playlist: 1978 Song […]



1976 Saturday Morning Flashback [Playlist]

1976 was a biggie for Peter Frampton, Jimmy Carter, Dorothy Hamill, Barbara Walters, Bruce Jenner, and Sylvester “Rocky” Stallone, among others. 1976 Song – Artist Melody – Rolling Stones Here Come Those Tears Again – […]



1985 Saturday Morning Flashback [Playlist]

1985: smack dab in the middle of an unforgettable decade. Live Aid, Farm Aid, Reagan’s second term, da Bears, and a lotta great songs! Here’s the playlist:



1969 Saturday Morning Flashback [Playlist]

1969: plenty of rock & roll, soul, folk, and history. The challenge is fitting as much as possible into four hours! Next week: 1992