Regular Guy

A Regular Guy Thinks The Finest Hours Might Float Your Boat
Kung Fu Panda 3: A Knockout Film for A Regular Guy?"It's a colorful and action-packed kind of a thing and rugrats will be riveted, but Mom and Dad your minds are gonna be driftin'."
A Regular Guy Takes a Stand With His Review of 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi"13 Hours is well done with a tough-guy crew of heroic, brotherly bros and lots of chaotic action."
A Regular Guy Sheds Some Light on Room"A really tense, suspenseful, and disturbing movie that turns out in the end to be an almost feel-good movie."
A Regular Guy Charts New Territory With His Review of Brooklyn"If you're looking for a nice movie where you can get lost in the past with your grandma, Brooklyn is your cinematic burrow."
A Regular Seeks Revenge With His Review of The Revenant"The Revenant is an epic tale of survival and a quest for revenge in the mountains out west in the 1870s."
Concussion Had A Regular Guy's Head Spinning"Bennett Omalu, da guy was a Pittsburgh coroner, dat ain’t a team, he was a coroner!"
A Regular Guy Decides Which 2015 Movies Were Worth a Trip To The Show"There is a lotta dem, let's get to it, they're gonna come fast...I hope you're takin' notes."
A Regular Guy Liked A Lot of Movies This Year...Except These
A Regular Guy Decides Whether Joy Brings The Happy
The Force Awakened A Regular Guy
A Regular Guy Decides Whether In The Heart Of The Sea Can Stay Afloat

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