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Is Hitman Agent 47 Worth Getting Off the Couch to See in Theaters?

“It’s decent mindless action combo’ed with characters who basically have the charisma you would expect from a decent mindless game you play on a couch.” Download



Straight Outta The Regular Guy’s Mouth, Hear What He Thought Of The NWA Biopic

It’s a dangerous world of gangsters, crossed with entertainment, and even if you don’t like rap, you can appreciate it for that. It’s like an action-musical-biopic, it’s pretty good. Download



Does The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Have What it Takes to Be a Box Office Hit? Hear a Regular Guy’s Thoughts

A Regular Guy discusses the hits and misses of this reboot of the 1960’s classic TV show, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. “This is the origin story of the da TV show of how Solo and […]



Not So Fantastic Four, According To the Regular Guy

“This new one has young, good actors in it… and they give it the old origin story try, but this goes back even further, kinda gives you the origin to the origin – these guys […]



Find Out What The Regular Guy Thought Of Ricki & The Flash

“It asks the question: can a mudder leave her family in search of her rock ‘n’ roll dreams and be thought of in the same way as a ramblin’ man instead of as a monster […]



Discover Why The Regular Guy Thinks You Should Just Watch The Trailer For Vacation

That “new Vacation reboot sequel that gives us the further adventures of the Griswald family, 30 years later.” Download



Hear A Regular Guy’s Thoughts On the Emotional Rollercoaster of Amy

“You see how she ended up the way she did. With da drugs and da booze and how fame, fortune and success for some people, maybe not a great thing.” Download



Tom Cruise’s Private Life Aside, The Regular Guy Reviews The New Mission: Impossible Film

“And dere’s a buncha bad guys too, doing bad things, and in order to stop ’em, Cruise has to break into stuff, he’s gotta break out of other stuff and he’s gotta break a few […]



Don’t Confuse This With A Pixar Movie; Hear The Regular Guy’s Review Of Pixels

“The bottom line is this: Pixels is an Adam Sandler movie, just keep that in mind.” Download



Find Out Why Trainwreck Made A Regular Guy’s List of Top 5 Romcoms

“Schumer has made this into a romcom that turns the clichés of the genre upside down, making her into da commitment phobe who can’t settle down for even one night.” Download