Demolition: A Break-Through Review from A Regular Guy"Demolishing something usually makes ya feel pretty good, especially when it's done to a great soundtrack of deep classic rock album tracks."
A Regular Guy Summons A Review for Midnight Special"I don't really know why it's called Midnight Special, but it's an indie sci-fi movie about a kid who might have some kind of powers and how his dad wants to protect him."
A Regular Guy Hacks into Eye in the Sky"This is today's headlines turned into a really tense movie that presents a multi-faceted look at the multi-faceted set of issues therein."
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: Any Love From A Regular Guy?"It's a comedy that is sweet and relatable to anybody who's got a large, smothering family."
A Batman v Superman Review Dawns On A Regular Guy"The young Lex Luthor...comes into play along with Lois Lane an' Wonder Woman, a pounding soundtrack, an' lots of dark action."
A Regular Guy Is Out In The Open With Allegiant"Shailene Woodley leads a band of like-minded rebels from all of da factions an'...over da wall they go."
A Regular Guy Decodes Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"A story that is based on a real-life memoirs of an embedded warzone reporter in Afghanistan in da 2000s--not an easy place to be."
A Wild Review of Zootopia from A Regular Guy"Da whole thing is bright, it's fast-paced, it's entertaining and people are lovin' it."
A Regular Guy Soars Through His Review of Eddie the Eagle"A good family movie that when you come down to it, is an inspiring story for all those kids who wanna play, but then get stuck out in right field."
Did Risen Make A Believer Out Of A Regular Guy?"The movie we get is da story of Good Friday, Easter, and da 40-day return engagement all rolled into one."
A Regular Guy Brews Up A Review For The Witch"It takes you atmospherically back in time to those bleak and paranoid days of 1630s New England."
Zoolander 2: A Fashionable Flick for A Regular Guy?"I gotta tell ya, the number two after da title? Dat could be code for what da movie really is a pile of."

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