Will A Regular Guy Take Stock in Money Monster?"We're talkin' high-priced help in a thriller with Wall Street greed, celebrity media manipulation, and the anger from the little guy who feels everything is rigged."
A Regular Guy Sheds Light On The Darkness"Here's a tip: what ya find at da Grand Canyon, stays at da Grand Canyon."
A Calculated Review from A Regular Guy"He wasn't an educated guy. He came from poverty. But, somehow, he was able to scrawl out in these notebooks all of these formulas that nobody had ever seen before."
A Regular Guy Battles with A Review for Captain America: Civil War"Almost all the Avengers go at it, mano y mano...y wo-mano!"
Sing Street: Singing Praises From A Regular Guy?"It's a nostalgic story about a kid in high school who starts a band in the '80s basically to meet a girl, and in the process he finds out who he is and what he's going to become."
Does A Regular Guy Have A Soft Spot for Keanu?"It's a send-up of a blood-bath action movie with the world's cutest kitten. The kitten is so cute, that even the world's most hardened criminals, druglords, hitmen, gangbangers--they all want the kitten for themselves!"
A Regular Guy Review Escapes The Green Room"For da most part, da movie stays true to da gorey stuff dat has to happen in movies of this ilk, while being more of a believable story with real characters who have to use their smarts."
A Regular Guy Hacks Into A Review for Criminal"It's a silly, ridiculous, violent, fast-paced an' semi-entertaining thriller."
A Regular Guy Orders A Review for The Boss"Is it a good movie? It is, if you're looking for a lotta raunchy jokes an' old-fashioned slapstick."
Demolition: A Break-Through Review from A Regular Guy"Demolishing something usually makes ya feel pretty good, especially when it's done to a great soundtrack of deep classic rock album tracks."
A Regular Guy Summons A Review for Midnight Special"I don't really know why it's called Midnight Special, but it's an indie sci-fi movie about a kid who might have some kind of powers and how his dad wants to protect him."
A Regular Guy Hacks into Eye in the Sky"This is today's headlines turned into a really tense movie that presents a multi-faceted look at the multi-faceted set of issues therein."

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