Record Store Day

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Dave Grohl Named Official Ambassador Of Record Store Day

Following the likes of Jack White, Chuck D, Iggy Pop, and Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Grohl will be the official 2015 Record Store Day Ambassador. In an announcement on Record Store Day’s website, Grohl said “I […]


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Lin Brehmer’s Top Ten Hugs: A National Hug Day Playlist & Photo Album

National Hug Day has nothing to do with hugging strangers or random co-workers, so get that off your agenda now. It was conceived as an encouragement to hug friends and family more often. As you […]


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If Record Store Day = Xmas Day, then May Day = New Years Day.

  …and the second day of May makes it a distant memory. New Years Day not in a celebratory way but in the “eh, I’m kinda bored with the toys I got for Christmas” kinda […]


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Mazzy Star Release New Single, Premiere Video

As Consequence of Sound has reported, Mazzy Star released a Record Store Day single this past weekend titled, “I’m Less Here.”  The song has been part of their live set for several years now but […]


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Front to Back, Side to Side: Albums Best Enjoyed When Listened to from Start to Finish. (Part 2)

Picking up from last week’s  Front to Back, Side to Side: Albums Best Enjoyed When Listened to from Start to Finish. (Part 1) –  back at Tony’s in Brookfield, between 2 and 3am, reading over the […]



Prius Route to Rock, Vol. 107: G. Love & Special Sauce, Record Store Day, Say Hi

This Saturday is a national holiday for music geeks, especially music geeks with turntables, and honestly, to be taken seriously as a music dork you need at least one turntable in your home.  Saturday is […]


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The Lin Brehmer Collection: Picture Discs

In the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s, record companies augmented their promotional largess with picture discs. Pictures would cover singles and LP’s, but these vinyl discs were still playable. Sometimes they would simply issue colored […]


XRT Blues Deluxe (photo by Ryan Arnold / WXRT)

Prepare for Record Store Day.

A paraphrased convo with my dad: Me: “I’m having a tough time finding a record cleaning kit thing – the disc washer solution with the brush and cloth.” Dad: “Take the one you gave me […]


Whales (image via Lin Brehmer)

The Lin Brehmer Collection: Vinyl Oddities

Record Store Day is this Saturday and since I have kept about 6,000 vinyl records ever, I thought I might share some of my favorite vinyl oddities. Some of these are hard to find. And as you peruse the racks of records this weekend, do me a favor. My particular white whale is a Commandy Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen album called “Hot Licks and Cold Steel.”


OK, NONE of these albums are on that shelf, but it looks good.

Front to Back, Side to Side: Albums Best Enjoyed When Listened to from Start to Finish. (Part 1)

Record Store Day has become, to many, a holy day of obligation. Like Opening Day and St. Patrick’s Day, it’s a day to call in “sick” to work. The list of Record Store Day exclusive […]




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