Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Band of Horses. New Noise at Nine – Thursday May 5, 2016It's been a great week for new music. See what you heard on New Noise at Nine!
Paul Simon On Art Garfunkel, "We Don't Even Talk"Paul Simon wants to make something very clear, don't expect a Simon & Garfunkel reunion soon, if ever.
Paul Simon Planning Album, Not Talking to Art Garfunkel"We don't even talk," Simon said when asked if a reunion with his old friend was in the cards.
Paul Simon, Margaret Glaspy, Givers. New Noise at Nine – Thursday April 7, 2016New music sounds good. Unexpected new music sounds great! Every now and then an unexpected record shows up. Earlier this morning, "Wristband" from Paul Simon was delivered to the radio station. Terri Hemmert gave it a spin right away and it started this week's show. Read what Paul Simon had to say about recording his 13th album.
Paul Simon Discusses New Album 'Stranger to Stranger'Folk rock legend Paul Simon has finished his thirteenth album, Stranger to Stranger, which comes out June 3.
Paul Simon Announces New Album, Tour DatesThe tour kicks off with an appearance at Jazz Fest on April 29th, see the full dates below.
Paul Simon Wrote The Theme Song For Louis C.K. & Steve Buscemi's Web SeriesLouis C.K. and Steve Buscemi spontaneously released a new web series yesterday. Horace & Pete stars C.K. and Buscemi as brothers who run a seedy dive bar, appropriately called Horace And Pete’s. While this has enough drawing power in and of itself, the show's star power gets added with its theme song.
Stephen Colbert Brings Paul Simon "Tribute" Band Troubled Waters To Late Show [Watch]Stephen Colbert just wrapped up his first week as host of The Late Show in grand fashion.
Watch Paul Simon's Extremely Awkward Encounter With Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein On PortlandiaPortlandia is infamous for having musicians make cameos, sometimes in awkward scenarios. Paul Simon was the latest victim as he had to endure a Q & A session with Kath & Dave.
From The Big Screen To The Round Tube, 10 Hollywood Stars That Have Starred In Music Videos"Wait a minute, is that who I think it is?" Have you ever asked yourself this question when watching a music video? Unless the band acts in the video themselves like Foo Fighters, music videos usually require actors to help bring the video to life. You might be surprised to find out which hollywood names have been in music videos. Some tried it later in their careers, while others appeared in videos before hitting it big. Here are ten actors and actresses that have been in music videos.
The 5 Best Music Moments of 'Saturday Night Live' at 40What a night.
10 Of The Best Rock Performances In Grammy HistoryThe Grammys are on CBS this Sunday and although it's primarily an award ceremony, the show has featured some amazing performances over the years.

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