Prius Route to Rock, Vol. 44: Yo La Tengo, C.J. Chenier & The Big Game…

One of the weirdest weeks of weather we’ve had in quite a while in Chicago comes to an end with some high-quality entertainment.  65 yesterday (something that’s happened in January three times in ONE HUNDRED […]


Jason’s Super Bowl Pick (& A Few Bonus Lookalikes)

[photogallerylink id=10517 align=left]The Super Bowl pick is coming up in a sec, but before we get to that I have to point out a few lookalikes that we’ll be seeing this Sunday evening on Fox.  […]


NFL Picks With Jason Thomas – Playoff Damage Assessment

3-1 for the Wild Card round, followed by a 1-3 in the divisional games, plus a 1-1 for the conference championships equals a big, fat, mediocre .500 record.  Whatever.  Something to focus on now if […]


NFL Picks With Jason Thomas – Divisional Playoffs

[photogallerylink id=41715 align=left]Can you imagine how crazy it’s gonna be if the Packers can manage to beat the Falcons on Saturday night in Atlanta?  IF that goes down, then by noon on Sunday all that […]


NFL Picks With Jason Thomas – Wild Card Weekend Wrapup

[photogallerylink id=53893 align=left]Duh-duh duh-duh-duh-duh!  GO PACK GO!  Some Bears fans might get angry seeing that battle cry on this page, but allow me to explain.  I was totally pulling for the Pack on Sunday v. […]


NFL Picks With Jason Thomas – Week 17

[photogallerylink id=52994 align=left]Here we are.  The dreaded Week 17.  A gambler’s nightmare.  Who’s trying?  Who’s resting for the playoffs?  With a Falcons win on Sunday, by the time the Bears/Packers game kicks off in Green […]


Why Lambeau Field Rules

A couple weeks ago I made my first visit to legendary Lambeau Field to see my beloved 49ers get hammered by the hometown Packers.  What an experience.  Was I upset about the result of the […]


NFL Picks With Jason Thomas – Week 4

[photogallerylink id=39235 align=left]What do we know so far?  The Bears are 3-0 and this town is a helluva lot more fun in the fall when they’re good.  The Monday night game against the Packers was […]


NFL Picks With Jason Thomas – Week 3

[photogallerylink id=37990 align=left]Week 3 is upon us.  The Bears are 2-0 and host the Packers on Monday Night Football at, uh, beautiful Soldier Field.  My team is 0-2 and is led by a dude that […]