How Baseball Captures Our Imaginations [Listen]In April of 1992, opening day inspired me to write a recollection of how the game of baseball has captured our imagination. Every opening day since, I’ve read it on the air. Listen to it here.
Hey Hey! Join Us For The XRT/Miller Lite Opening Day Broadcast!It's a tradition that is legendary!
Billy Corgan, Los Lobos & Hundreds Of XRT Listeners Celebrate Opening Day In Wrigleyville
Jeff Garlin Graces Wrigleyville On Cubs Opening Day
See Jeff Garlin At Opening Day -- Hear Him Take Over The XRT Morning Show [Listen]Our 7 hour live broadcast at Yak-zies on Clark Street (just one block from Wrigley Field) is a tradition that is legendary and a celebration with 20 years of history. 3 Live Bands, The Regular Guy, a few special guests and you rabid, diehard Cub fans.
10 Memorable 93XRT Opening Day Live BroadcastsThe 93XRT Coors Light Opening Day Broadcast is a celebration with 20+ years of history. The word "memorable" is used under advisement since there has been a lot of beer under the bridge since we started putting these parties together. Terri Hemmert, Mary Dixon and I host an unprecedented 7 hour live broadcast at Yak-zies on Clark Street. 3 or 4 Live Bands, The Regular Guy, a few special guests and rabid, diehard Cub fans. Yes. It is fun. You are all invited this Friday. (21+)
See Billy Corgan At Opening Day This Friday - New Smashing Pumpkins Albums (Plural!) Coming Soon [Listen]Corgan will join us at Yak-Zies Bar and Grill this Friday for the XRT Coors Light Opening Day Broadcast. He is our Official Cubs Corespondent after all. Make sure you're listening live -- or better yet, join us in Wrigleyville!
For Openers: Lin Brehmer & Chicago White Sox Opening DayMaybe it started early. Seven years old, your back against the warm red brick of the corner candy store, holding an improbably colored bottle of pop. Something like Tahitian Treat or Mountain Dew. Your throat choked with those slabs of baseball card bubble gum while you study those stats with an intensity "A Tale of Two Cities" will never inspire.
Billy Corgan Stops By, Talks Smashing Pumpkins At Opening Day 2013 [Listen]
Leagues Rocked Yak-Zies At The Opening Day Broadcast [Watch]
The Regular Guy's Annual Opening Day Prayer [Watch]Yes, The Regular Guy loves a good movie, but the silver screen is nothing compared to Wrigley's green ivy. Every opening day the Guy leads a group of early-morning XRT listeners in a prayer to help start the Cubs off on a winning season. We're not sure if it helps, but it couldn't hurt, right?
Lins Bin: Is Chicago Cubs Fandom A Religion? [Watch]

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