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Happy Cinco de Mayo! [Listen]

No, it’s not Mexican Independence Day. Nor is it even that big a deal of a holiday in Mexico, but Monday marks the day that Pueblan forces in Mexico turned back a French army of […]


Plan B? Photo: AMC TV

Top TV – XRT Listener Poll 2012 Results!

XRT listeners were facing their fears every time they snuggled in front of the ol’ television. The top t-v shows in the 2012 listener poll took the drug-lords-corrupt-politicians-natural-disasters-mothers-in-law head on and turned them into top rate entertainment. So what were our five favorite shows?


(All I Want For) Mother’s Day

You know when we say we just want a nice card? That’s true, dear, but don’t you think you might do a little better? How about some cooperation? Some peace and quiet? A few extra […]


Modern Family Rocks 2010 XRT Listener Poll

What a great evening at Craftsman Experience, as we celebrated the best of 2010. Along with XRT listeners’ favorite music and concerts of the year, we asked you for your favorite tv shows. Read on […]