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It's 4/20 - News With Mary DixonOn this April 20th -- 4/20 -- people backing legalized marijuana use are planning smoke-ins around the country. (There are a number of stories about why 4/20 is a holiday for weed enthusiasts. Ask a friend.) In Washington, DC, demonstrators on Capitol Hill are reportedly going to try to hand out free joints to Congressmembers. Illinois lawmakers heard testimony on a proposal to legalize it here ...A Cook County judge will rule next week on a Chicago Public Schools funding lawsuit against the State of Illinois ... Governor Rauner is catching heat from reproductive rights advocates. He ran as a pro-choice candidate three years ago but is now promising to veto a measure that would keep abortion legal in Illinois if the Supreme Court overturns Roe-v-Wade. Chicago's Cardinal Cupich praised Rauner's veto plan ... Two more courts have stayed two more executions in Arkansas ... Secretary of State Tillerson says the Trump administration is conducting a thorough review of the deal to restrict Iran's nuclear program ... Russia is shutting down a UN Security Council condemnation of North Korea's latest missile test ... CBS News reports the CIA and FBI are investigating what may be the worst breach in CIA history. They're looking for an insider who leaked information on tools used to spy on smartphones and tvs to Wikileaks ... The Cubs came back to beat the Brewers ... the White Sox lost in New York ... and it's do or die tonight for the Blackhawks in Nashville ... There's a chance of rain this morning. Otherwise, it'll be breezy and near 70 degrees.
Ticket For Toking - XRT's Pot Smokin' PlaylistWith the news of legislation legalizing recreational marijuana in Illinois being submitted to the general assembly, let's review some smoky numbers that stoked the fires of our imagination:
Debates Have You Stressed Out? Pot Purveyors in Oregon Offer Pairing IdeasYup, this is one way to calm the nerves. Um, if you're in a state or municipality where it's allowed, that is.
Man Finds A Ton Of Weed Stashed Inside A Port A PottyThis isn't something you see every day...
Dead & Company Perform Lengthy Set On Kimmel, Bring Along Hundreds Of Marijuana Legalization AdvocatesDead & Company took to Jimmy Kimmel Live to not only perform a lengthy set in advance of their tour, but also used the spotlight to advocate for marijuana legalization.
Wake Up! News With Mary - 4/20/16Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump take home the New York Primary, The Blackhawks fall to the Blues, and it's 4/20!
Bob Marley Branded Weed To Be Released In Celebration Of His 71st BirthdayWhere it's legal of course...
Traces of Cannabis Found in William Shakespeare's Tobacco Pipe?
Keith Richards Likes A Joint For Breakfast, But Isn't Sure Legalization Is A Good IdeaAlthough Keith Richards' drug use has been well documented and his run ins with the law have happened on several occasions, he doesn't let that hold him back.
Illinois Has Higher Than Average Marijuana Prices, See What The Average Cost Is Across 50 States And 8 Major CitiesIf you were ever curious as to whether or not the price of pot is too high (no, no pun intended), data from a survey asking Americans how much they pay for pot has been released showing the average price of marijuana around the nation. Just to be clear man, we're not the condoning the sale and purchase of marijuana.
Roger Daltrey Almost Walked Off Stage At New York Concert Due To Pot Smoke
Ticket For Toking -- XRT's Pot Smokin' PlaylistWith the possibility of getting caught with a joint no longer meaning a trip to the joint here in Chicago, let's review some smoky numbers that stoked the fires of our imagination:

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