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Music At The Movies: The Best Songs Featured In Movie Trailers

It might not feel like summer yet, but the summer movie season is officially here. This summer promises to be another exciting season for moviegoers everywhere, and it all starts off with Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Some of the other movies coming out this summer include, Jurassic World, Minions, Pitch Perfect 2, Mad Max: Fury Road and many more. A lot of movies coming out this summer means you could be seeing a lot of trailers. Sometimes all you need to get the audience hooked is an awesome song playing in the background. Here are the most effective songs to be used in trailers.


Haim (Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

M83 and Haim Team Up for ‘Holes in the Sky’ from the ‘Insurgent’ Soundtrack: Listen

Haim and M83 turn up the drama for a new collaboration ballad from the latest movie in the ‘Divergent’ series, ‘Insurgent.’


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How To Properly Open An Album: 15 Fantastic First Tracks [Playlist]

Usually when you make a first impression, you are only being judged by one person or maybe a small group of people. Artists have it rough, their opening track is being judged by thousands of people, and a pair of ears might not like the opening track and not give the rest of the album a fair chance. Artists only get one chance to cast the hook, line and sinker to get their listener interested and excited about their new album. Here’s a handful of opening songs that immediately grab your attention and sets the stage for the rest of the albums perfectly.


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M83’s New (Old) ‘Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun’ Video [Watch]

As reported by Pitchfork earlier today, M83 have shared a previously unreleased video for the song “Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun,” which is the closing track on the fantastic 2005 album, Before […]


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New Music Thursday: Zola Jesus – ‘Dangerous Days’ [Listen]

Thursday is when we sprinkle in the newest of the new throughout the day as part of our New Music Thursday feature, so previewing a record from Zola Jesus (Nika Roza Danilova) here on our […]


Bluebells Bloom In The Spring Sunshine

Stop Hibernating: Ten Songs To Get You Through The Rest Of Winter [Playlist]

While you might be snowed in this week, just blast this playlist and turn your heat up to 85 degrees. Then, get in your bathing suit, make a couple of fruit smoothies, and relax like you’re at the beach. If that’s not your thing, crank this playlist while you do some pre-spring cleaning. Then, make a list in your head of all the big projects you want to get done this summer. It will be here before you know it.



Hear New Music From The Killers: “Shot At The Night” With M83’s Anthony Gonzalez [First Listen]

I can say with my head high that I have been a Killers fan since day one- so I for one am excited that they will be coming out with their first greatest hits album […]


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New Collaboration Rumor: M83 & The Killers

Ronnie Vannucci, drummer for The Killers, recently disclosed the exciting news that the band has been recording and collaborating with the brilliance of M83’s Anthony Gonzales. The project is still in the early stages, but […]


The Killers "Battle Born" Tour - New York

The Killers Collaborate with M83

Ronnie Vannucci of the Killers spilled the beans about The Killers collaboration with M83’s Anthony Gonzalez. Nothing has been completely set, but Vannucci said in an interview with NME that the music they’re making is […]



Hear New M83 Song From ‘Oblivion’ Movie Soundtrack [First Listen]

Earlier this month we found out the news that the main force behind M83, Anthony Gonzalez, would be providing the soundtrack for the science fiction film Oblivion. Starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, Oblivion takes […]