Concert Webcast: Margaret Glaspy Performs On The BlueCross BlueShield Performance Stage WATCH LIVE
Rock Stars as Role Models. [Read] Let me start by saying the only thing more ridiculous than looking to professional athletes to be role models is looking to rock stars to be role models.
Define The Greatest Song Ever Written. Lin's Bin. [Watch]You just have to understand that our favorite songs are victims of circumstance and just like morning DJ’s, they can be replaced.
Why Does Summer Pass So Quickly? Lin's Bin [Read]We attack summer like a starving man tears into a cheeseburger.
Lin's Bin: Chocolate Too Chocolaty? [Read]Can a drink be, in fact, too chocolaty? This question has philosophical antecedents in the study of aesthetics, religious mysticism, and the proper ordering of milkshakes.
Which One of the Five Senses is the Best? Lin's BinThe most subtle awareness may be our favorite because it is the sense of smell that arrests our memories when we least expect it.
For Mother's Day: A Vintage Lin's Bin on Mothers and Daughters [Listen]When you were born, your mother wrapped you up in a little blanket and took you home consumed with a tenderness more profound than the ferocity of instinct.
Why Are Women Crazy: Lin's Bin ScriptBecause men still complain about how rough they have it.
Lin's Bin: Where's My Phone?“I put the phone in my coat pocket. Same place I always put it. Same pocket.”
The Dreaded New Year's Resolution
Lin's Bin: For Whom Does The Bell Toll?I'm not sure if it's the jingle bells of the season or, maybe, just the ringing in my ears from last night's concert... but I was wondering, FOR WHOM DOES THE BELL TOLL?
Lin's Bin: What's It Like To Be Lin Brehmer? I like to say “FANTASTIC.” Judging from the reactions, this is a surprising response.
Len & Lin: Warming Up for Hot Stove Cool Music Tonight [Listen]"There are two people getting together who are contemporaries, who ended up reminiscing for much of the night during rehearsal and to have these two guys together on stage... they've toured together, but they've never played together and it just works."

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