Lin's Bin: Why Do We Fly?"Is it OK," my father asked at check-in, "if we bring our rifles in the cabin?"
Lin's Bin: Where's My Phone?“I put the phone in my coat pocket. Same place I always put it. Same pocket.”
The Dreaded New Year's Resolution
Lin's Bin: What Do I Want For Christmas?With the Christmas music hammering away at our imaginations, we have to sort through the tinsel and the tawdry until we know what we want.
Lin's Bin: For Whom Does The Bell Toll?I'm not sure if it's the jingle bells of the season or, maybe, just the ringing in my ears from last night's concert... but I was wondering, FOR WHOM DOES THE BELL TOLL?
Lin's Bin: Is This Finally The Year For The Cubs? Well, we all know the answer to that.
Lin's Bin: What's It Like To Be Lin Brehmer? I like to say “FANTASTIC.” Judging from the reactions, this is a surprising response.
Lin's Bin: Why Does Listening To The Blues Make Us Feel So Good?We don’t find the blues, the blues find us.
Lin's Bin: A Mother's AdviceThe advice a mother gives a teenager isn’t bad. The advice might be good, but having to hear it from your mother? Bad.
Lin's Bin: Do We Really Want The Cubs To Win The World Series?Do we really want the Cubs to win the World Series? What kind of question is that?
Lin's Bin: What's The Difference?Mystical. Magical. What’s the difference?
Lin's Bin: Advice For A Morning DJ, From A Morning DJLin was asked to give advice to a college DJ that was just appointed the morning show host. Thankfully, he has plenty of advice to give, even at the expense of his sanity.

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