LastFM Trends Trends: U2 Look To The New Year

[photogallerylink id=19276 align=left]Stadium rockers U2 look set to open up the new year with their thirteenth (yes, you read that correctly, thirteenth) studio album. Tentatively titled ‘Songs of Ascent’ we thought we would ask the […]

10/20/2010 Trends: Do You Really Want To End Weezer?

One disgruntled music fan has made it his task to bring Weezer to an end, but will the rest of you join him? As the donations trickle in for James Burns’ drive (offering Weezer a […]

10/06/2010 Trends: HBO Takes On NIN Classics

© Jamie James Medina/Universal Year Zero was another step in Nine Inch Nails‘ epic return to to form and it looks like HBO and BBC Worldwide are leaping at the chance to spin off its […]

09/30/2010 Trends: Who Tops The Hall Of Fame?

Debate has been raging since the announcement of 2011’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees: Who deserves a spot? Of course, one way of solving the question of who makes the cut is to […]

09/29/2010 Trends: Billy Corgan – The Lone Pumpkin

It’s been a long time since the band’s heyday of Siamese Dream in 1993. [lastfm]The Smashing Pumpkins[/lastfm] are known for having their ups and downs (and personnel changes), however [lastfm]Billy Corgan[/lastfm] has remained the driving […]

09/21/2010 Trends: Cracking Open The Dead Weather’s Fans

Jack White’s on the attack again, this time taking on every release format he can get his hands on. The Dead Weather‘s forthcoming single “Blue Blood Blues” will be released as a Triple Decker Record, […]

09/15/2010 Trends: Florence + The Machine’s Top Tracks Skyrocket

After a storming performance of “Dog Days Are Over” at the VMAs attention is turning once more to Florence Welch, frontwoman of Florence + The Machine. She’s already topped European charts, but as her North […]

09/14/2010 Trends: The Stooges’ Most Popular Record

Jim Jarmusch has been talking about his long planned documentary about The Stooges at ATP New York, leading to fans of the band around the world to demand he get on with making it. As […]

09/10/2010 Trends: Punk Hero Billie Joe’s Greatest Hits

Among the stars lining up to Stand Up To Cancer tomorrow (September 10) is none other than Billie Joe Armstrong, punk-rock icon and frontman of Green Day. Since their American Idiot comeback the group have […]

09/09/2010 Trends: The xx Take Mercury, But What Next?

[photogallerylink id=31953 align=left]British band The xx picked up one of their nation’s most prestigious awards last night, collecting this year’s Mercury Music Prize. The judging panel – a secretive collection of industry insiders – may […]