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Chvrches (Eliot Hazel)

THE BIG BEAT: August 24, 2015 [Playlist]

-Is that a Leonard Cohen track in there from 2014? Yeah, well, I’m still high on True Detective Season 2 and a soundtrack just came in the mail today, so…. Hello again, Leonard! -The video […]


Lana Del Rey (Neil Krug for Interscope Records)

THE BIG BEAT: August 17, 2015 [Playlist]

Another week, another batch of 22/23 records (that’s usually the number I can get to in two hours). BIG BEAT veterans Beach House and Deerhunter are back for more, and we got to sample Matt […]


Lana Del Rey (Courtesy of Interscope)

Lana Del Rey Shares New Song, “High By The Beach”

In her latest song, “High By The Beach,” Rey lets us know that all she wants to do for the foreseeable future is, well, get high by the beach.


Lana Del Rey (Neil Krug for Interscope Records)

Lana Del Rey Posts New Track, ‘Honeymoon’ [Listen]

According to Pitchfork, Lana Del Rey’s next album will be released in September, and yesterday she shared a track by the name of “Honeymoon” via YouTube. Check out the lovely, 6-minute song below. 1.3 million […]


(Courtesy of Capitol Records)

Brian Wilson Talks Lana Del Rey, His Biopic and New Album ‘No Pier Pressure’

Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean were supposed to be on Brian Wilson’s new album. They’re not, and Don Was helps explain why.


(Chuck Grant for Interscope Records)

Lana Del Rey ‘Doesn’t Even Know What Feminism Is,’ According to Kim Gordon

Is Lana Del Rey a feminist? If you ask Kim Gordon, the answer is very simple: no.


(Robert Matheu for Capitol Music Group)

‘Timing’ Kept Lana Del Rey & Frank Ocean Off Brian Wilson’s New Album

Oh well, still has a pretty extensive guest list.


(Courtesy of Interscope)

2015 Oscar Nominations: The 10 Biggest Snubs for Best Original Song

Sometimes it’s an honor just to be nominated. On the other hand, lots of great songs from films don’t even get an Oscar nod for Best Original Song.


Lana Del Rey (Neil Krug for Interscope Records)

Lana Del Rey Announces Next Album Title, ‘Honeymoon’

Lana Del Rey is hard at work on the follow-up to her 2014 commercial breakthrough, ‘Ultraviolence.’


Courtesy Warner Bros. Records

Governors Ball 2015 Lineup Led By Black Keys, Lana Del Rey & DeadMau5

Started from the bottom, now the Governors Ball is here with a Canadian rapper, a blues duo, a Mickey Mouse-esque DJ and the gangster Nancy Sinatra leading its fifth year lineup.