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Billy Corgan Gets Heated after Fan Asks if Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain

Billy Corgan, who dated Love before she married Cobain, became the latest refuter of this theory.


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Did Courtney Love Kill Kurt Cobain? Billy Corgan Weighs In During Awkward Fan Q&A Session [Watch]

Billy Corgan may entertain the idea of conspiracy theories, but even this one is pretty far out of left field for him.


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A Teenage Girl Just Unearthed A Photo Of Nirvana From Their First Ever Performance

Well this is certainly an essential piece in rock and roll history.


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Kurt Cobain ‘Montage Of Heck’ Will Be Returning To Theaters

After being released to the masses a few weeks ago (and having Dave Grohl being “terrified” to watch it), Kurt Cobain’s Montage of Heck will be re-released at select movie theaters nationwide.


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Former Seattle Police Chief Wants To Reopen Kurt Cobain’s Death Investigation

Given the timing of Kurt Cobain’s death and the fame he had achieved, it’s natural for various theories to emerge in an attempt to explain why it would happened. To this day, there are some that aren’t satistfied with the results.


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Courtney Love Issues Cease-and-Desist Over Kurt Cobain Film, ‘Soaked in Bleach’

Courtney Love is not happy about a new movie that claims she orchestrated the death of Kurt Cobain.


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Buzz Osborne Of The Melvins Says The Kurt Cobain Documentary Is “90% Bull”

The recently released Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck was met with much fanfare and offered a rare look into the life of the Nirvana singer. Whether it was looking at home video of Cobain and Courtney Love or interviewing those closest to Cobain, Montage of Heck was parlayed as one of the deepest looks into Cobain’s life.


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5 Of The Most Anticipated Album Releases Of The Summer

With each seasonal change, there are different things to look forward to — snow (well, maybe no one looks forward to that), leaves changing colors, warm weather and more. But one thing that you can […]


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In Music Documentaries, How Much Is ‘Too Much’ Information?

Whether the subject is Kurt Cobain or bands like Fleetwood Mac and the Stones, we have to wonder: How much do we really need to know about the personal lives of our favorite artists?


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Kurt Cobain—Not Nirvana—Album Coming This Summer

Brett Morgen has culled enough unreleased Kurt Cobain songs for an entire album of previously unheard music from the late rock icon.