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It's 4/20 - News With Mary DixonOn this April 20th -- 4/20 -- people backing legalized marijuana use are planning smoke-ins around the country. (There are a number of stories about why 4/20 is a holiday for weed enthusiasts. Ask a friend.) In Washington, DC, demonstrators on Capitol Hill are reportedly going to try to hand out free joints to Congressmembers. Illinois lawmakers heard testimony on a proposal to legalize it here ...A Cook County judge will rule next week on a Chicago Public Schools funding lawsuit against the State of Illinois ... Governor Rauner is catching heat from reproductive rights advocates. He ran as a pro-choice candidate three years ago but is now promising to veto a measure that would keep abortion legal in Illinois if the Supreme Court overturns Roe-v-Wade. Chicago's Cardinal Cupich praised Rauner's veto plan ... Two more courts have stayed two more executions in Arkansas ... Secretary of State Tillerson says the Trump administration is conducting a thorough review of the deal to restrict Iran's nuclear program ... Russia is shutting down a UN Security Council condemnation of North Korea's latest missile test ... CBS News reports the CIA and FBI are investigating what may be the worst breach in CIA history. They're looking for an insider who leaked information on tools used to spy on smartphones and tvs to Wikileaks ... The Cubs came back to beat the Brewers ... the White Sox lost in New York ... and it's do or die tonight for the Blackhawks in Nashville ... There's a chance of rain this morning. Otherwise, it'll be breezy and near 70 degrees.
GOP Rolls Out Health Plan - News With Mary DixonThe Republican proposal for dismantling the Affordable Care Act scales back insurance subsidies, loosens the rules on health plans for individuals, and limits future federal funding for Medicaid and Planned Parenthood. It repeals the corresponding tax increases on the wealthy, health insurers, and drug companies. Some Senate Republicans are concerned it will leave millions of Americans without health coverage. The proposal goes to House hearings tomorrow ... President Trump's revised travel ban would restrict visas to travelers from six Muslim-majority countries and suspend the country's refugee program ... Our new Housing Secretary, Ben Carson, is clarifying yesterday's remarks about African slaves being immigrants. Carson now says he's aware they're two entirely different experiences ... Suburban congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL6) was defending his avoidance of town hall meetings at the City Club of Chicago ... Chance the Rapper has donated $1-million to arts and enrichment programs in the Chicago Public Schools, a few days after what he said were unsuccessful talks with Governor Rauner on the subject ... The Bulls lost in Detroit ... It was a dark and stormy night, with tornadoes causing damage in Kansas City, Missouri and tornado warnings through central Illinois ... It'll be sunny and breezy today with high temperatures in the mid-50s.
Trump: Russian Stories A "Total 'Witch Hunt!'" - News With Mary DixonRussia's foreign minister Lavrov says the scandal over Trump administration members' contacts with the Russian ambassador looks like a witch hunt. President Trump Tweeted the same words, "witch hunt," as he defended his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, last night. Sessions has recused himself from any investigations into allegations that the Kremlin interfered with the US election ... The Indianapolis Star reports Vice President Pence used a private AOL e-mail account for some public business while he was governor of Indiana -- and that it was hacked last summer ... A Brighton Park Little League coach is charged with sexually assaulting two young cousins who played on his team ... The Peoria headquarters of one of Illinois' largest businesses, Caterpillar, was raided by federal agents yesterday ... Chance the Rapper plans to meet with Governor Rauner this morning, to discuss funding for the Chicago Public Schools ... The Bulls beat the Warriors ... It'll be sunny and in the low-30s today.
AG Sessions Met Russian Ambassador During Campaign - News With Mary DixonAttorney General Jeff Sessions spoke twice with Russia's ambassador to the US while he was a senior adviser to the Trump campaign. The Justice Department confirms it; Sessions did not disclose this during confirmation hearings. UPDATE: Sessions now tells NBC he never met with Russian officials to discuss any political campaign. Top Democrats are calling for Sessions to resign; some Republicans - including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Oversight chairman Jason Chaffetz - say Sessions should clarify his testimony, and recuse himself from investigations relating to President Trump's ties to Russia ... The New York Times reports officials in the Obama White House spread information across the government on Russian interference in the US election. Their goal was to make sure it didn't happen again, and to leave a trail for investigators ... A second person has died of injuries from this week's tornadoes in LaSalle County ... Illinois lawmakers are pulling the plug on a budget compromise, and Democrats blame Governor Rauner ... Chicago's Cardinal Cupich is telling priests to not allow immigration agents into churches without a warrant ... The Blackhawks beat the Penguins ... Northwestern's men beat Michigan in basketball ... The city's snow trucks are being deployed for the first time this year. We'll get up to an inch of snow today, with high temperatures in the mid-30s.
A Day Without Immigrants - News With Mary DixonSome of your favorite restaurants and shops may be closed or missing staff today because of a national strike by legal and undocumented residents. 'A Day Without Immigrants' is aimed at protesting President Trump's immigration crackdown. Prominent Chicago chef Rick Bayless posted yesterday that four of his Mexican restaurants will be closed after an employee vote, while two others will donate some of today's proceeds to the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. Immigration rights protesters plan a demonstration later this morning in Union Park ... Trump's choice for Labor Secretary is out over domestic abuse allegations and his employment of undocumented housekeeper. Trump says he's open to a two-state or a one-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians. The New York Times reports Trump plans to have a New York billionaire lead a review of American intelligence agencies ... Congress has approved the repeal of a gun rule that prevented sales to people with serious mental illness ... Three men are dead after a shooting in Brighton Park ... 12-year-old Kanari Gentry-Bowers died yesterday after being shot on Saturday night ... The outbound Ryan is open again after a shooting near 63rd Street ... Governor Rauner's budget address drew laughter from Democrats who say the governor's plans are light on details ... The Bulls host the Celtics tonight. Northwestern's men lost to Maryland ... It'll be cloudy today with high temperatures in the low-40s.
US Jobless Rate Drops To 9-Year Low - News With Mary DixonUPDATE: November's jobs report is a little rosier than anticipated. The Labor Department reports nonfarm payrolls added 178-thousand jobs last month. Economists had anticipated 175-thousand new jobs. The unemployment rate fell to 4.6%, beating expectations it would hold steady at 4.9%. It's the lowest jobless rate since August, 2007. UPDATE: Three people have died in a wrongway accident that is blocked westbound I-88 at Mill Road for several hours ... Governor Rauner has vetoed a Chicago teachers pension bill - and it blows a 215-million dollar hole in the CPS budget ... Illinois lawmakers have approved millions to save Exelon's nuclear plants downstate with some rate hikes for customers and a boost for green energy ... President-elect Trump has named retired Marine General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis as his defense secretary ... The Blackhawks won in overtime ... the Bears' Jay Cutler is out for the season with a tear in his throwing shoulder - and that could be it for Cutler as a Bear ... It'll be a little drizzly this morning, with cloudy skies later and highs in the upper-30s.
Trump's Treasury Sec'y Is Former Goldman Sachs Exec - News With Mary DixonPresident-elect Trump is expected to name more Wall Street and Washington insiders to his cabinet today. Former Goldman exec, hedge funder, Hollywood financier and Trump campaign finance chief Steven Mnuchin confirms that he and billionaire investor Wilbur Ross are signing on - Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary and Ross for Commerce. Mnuchin tells CNBC his chief priority will be sustained economic growth and cutting taxes. He expects to cut corporate rates to 15 percent, simplify the tax system, and promises a middle class income tax cut. Trump tweets that legal papers are being drawn up to separate him from his businesses, to avoid the numerous potential conflicts of interest they pose. The head of the CIA is warning the president-elect against pulling support from the Iran nuclear agreement, and against believing promises from Russia. The family of a man who was shot to death by a Chicago police officer last week is suing ... Federal judges in Chicago will hear from an Indiana teacher who argues a college didn't hire her because she is a lesbian ... Illinois lawmakers have failed to over-ride Governor Rauner's veto of a motor-voter bill ... and there's still no deal on a real budget ... The FDA has approved a large test for using the club drug Ecstasy to treat PTSD ... The Blackhawks are back home and they beat Florida in a shootout ... It'll be partly sunny and in the low-40s today.
Trump Deportation Threat Looms - News With Mary DixonLurie Children's hospital officials report a public health crisis - a spike in calls to mental health hotlines, many from kids worried about getting deported by the Trump administration. Officials in a number of large US cities, including Mayor Emanuel and Congressman Luis Gutierrez in Chicago, say they will continue to be sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants. Thousands of students walked out of class yesterday in California, Colorado, Maryland, Washington and other states. They were demonstrating concerns about a Trump presidency, particularly about his comments about minorities ... President-elect Trump is at his Manhattan home hashing out key foreign policy appointments ... President Obama is in Greece ... Chicago police report shootings were down more than 40-percent over the weekend thanks to a boost in patrols ... Nearly 200 protests against the Dakota Access oil pipeline are planned today around the US ... Governor Rauner and Illinois House Speaker Madigan are to meet today after Madigan blew off the governor and Republican legislative leaders yesterday ... The Bears' Alshon Jeffery is suspended for PED use ... The Bulls and Blackhawks are on the road tonight ... Patchy fog this morning, partly cloudy today and highs in the upper-50s.
No Action On Guns - And Other News With Mary DixonSenators failed to advance any gun-related measures, one week after the worst mass shooting in US history ... Former House Speaker Hastert reports for prison tomorrow ... Governor Rauner tells the Trib he plans to run for re-election ... A 4-year-old girl drowned in a Downers Grove pool ... Boeing is selling aircraft to IranAir ... Wildfires and high heat out west. The White Sox won in Boston ... the Cubs lost to the Cardinals.
Clinton Clinches - And Other News With Mary DixonCBS News and the AP have counted the delegates from Puerto Rico and previously uncommitted delegates, and report Hillary Clinton has secured the number needed to become the Democratic party's presidential nominee. She would be the first woman nominated by a major political party. Also ... Governor Rauner and Mayor Emanuel trade jabs ... Chicago police say a 6 year old girl was critically injured in a shooting in Logan Square ... The Cubs won in Philadelphia.
A Violent Start To The Summer - And Other News With Mary DixonChicago police report at least 69 shootings over the long Memorial Day weekend ... A 13-year-old girl has died after falling into the Kankakee River; her 12-year-old brother was still missing in the river ... Illinois lawmakers have overridden Governor Rauner's veto of a pension fix for Chicago police and firefighters ... Donald Trump may reveal which veterans' charities will benefit from his January fundraiser ... The head of the Cincinnati Zoo says killing a rare gorilla was a difficult but correct choice. Everything you need to know to start your day.
Police Chase From Lombard to Chicago, Social Services Sue Gov Rauner - News With Mary DixonPolice chased a murder suspect from Lombard into the city last night, and are still looking for the suspect ... 64 social service agencies are suing Governor Rauner for back pay ... Mayor Emanuel will try a legal Hail Mary to keep the proposed Lucas Museum in Chicago. Everything you need to know to start your d

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