Friday Feature

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Red Hot Chili Peppers & Los Lobos Friday Double Feature!

This Friday, we’ll be featuring two bands that have had a profound impact on the musical landscape and are still going strong today.


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Join Us For A Tom Petty Friday Feature

Is the concept of being the leader of an American rock & roll band inconsistent with the role of frontman for a national institution? It’s been over 35 years since Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers formed in Gainesville, and they’re now among the most popular groups of all time.


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Can You Figure Out The Cure Songs In This Lyric Cloud?

The Cure will be one half of our Friday Double Feature tomorrow (Wilco being the other half, more on that later), so we decided to make a cloud of the most common lyrics found in four of The Cure’s songs that you’ll be hearing, can you guess which songs they are?



Friday Feature With The Marleys

Feel the groove all day, thanks to Bob, Rita, Ziggy and the rest, starting with the XRT morning show.


Bob Weir and Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead (Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

FriDAY Of The Dead Feature!

It’s the Day of the Dead, XRT Style!


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It’s “U2’s Day” On XRT’s Friday Feature!

Whenever we devote our Friday Feature to the music of U2, we assume that all the radios, smart phones, and other audio devices that are tuned in will be cranked to their optimum levels for the majority of the day.


Robert Plant

Robert Plant & Friends Friday Feature!

It’s a voice associated with some of rock & roll’s biggest tunes. You know it, and even if you don’t know the song, you’ll recognize his voice.


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Rolling Stones Friday Feature!

Join us for a day devoted to the World’s Greatest Rock ‘n Roll Band, The Rolling Stones! Starting on the XRT morning show, 5:30-10am, we’ll play the classics and the oddities, the B-sides and the live gems. Helluva way to start a holiday weekend!



R.E.M./Muddy Waters Friday Double Feature

Amidst the excitement of the forthcoming baseball season, we’ll be featuring two American musical pastimes. Both artists share a remarkably extensive catalog with a sounds that is instantly recognizable. Hear your favorites, rarities, and live bits all throughout the day as we feature the music of R.E.M. & Muddy Waters!