Frank’s Weekend Playlist

Weekend Playlist

In between and after chores, it was time for some turntable action with a pretty girl and a big dog by your side. These albums made the cut:


Frank E. Lee’s Weekend Playlist: Solomon Burke, Lennon & More

Death cast a shadow over this weekend’s sounds but thankfully, music transcends the grim reaper. There was [lastfm]Lennon[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Beatles[/lastfm] for the 70th birthday celebration paired with bangers and mash (better than it sounds), deep soul […]


Frank E. Lee’s Weekend Playlist Includes Joni Mitchell, Procal Harum & The Grateful Dead

Anytime you start the weekend with a trip to Guitar Center (a good, longtime XRT sponsor) to pick up a new can of Gruvglide, you know the wheel of steel is gonna be spinning. We got […]


Frank E. Lee’s Weekend Playlist

It was an eclectic mix as usual on the box this weekend (with some good choices from the massive Lee collection by special guest dj/drummer Ian Burns from Brooklyn’s [lastfm]Old Monk[/lastfm].) We enjoyed “Little Fluffy Clouds” by the […]


Weekend Playlist

Would you look at a picture of the future? I usually get a 50-50 response to this question (not counting those who look at me like I’m nuts and run away.)  I would definitely cover […]