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Bowie & Me, Watch Frank E. Lee Talk Bowie & Science Fiction

Frank E. Lee recounts how he was able to connect with Bowie through science fiction & the magnificence of his live shows.


(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Hot Time In The Old Town

Today is the anniversary of the start of the Great Chicago Fire, and several other less infamous fires as well. A deadly combination of a dry season, lots of wooden construction (including sidewalks) and an ill-timed wind caused even greater destruction on the same day in Pestigo, Wisconsin where a tornado of fire killed as many as 2500 people. (The exact number is unknown.) Cities in Michigan also burned. A hypothesis that fragments from a comet or meteor may have set all the fires has never been proven.


One of the most famous collages in history with 60 full-size cardboard cutouts, original uniforms and a shout out to the Rolling Stones. One of the most expensive layouts ever commissioned.

10 Great Album Covers

Cassettes and CDs greatly reduced their impact and digital audio files made them disappear, but at one time album covers represented the zenith of graphic art. There are still excellent examples today but they are essentially a boutique, artisanal, niche form with limited scope. (Nice work if you can get it!) The golden age of album covers was from the late sixties to the late seventies (just a coincidence that it matches the era of psychedelic drugs) and here’s a few of the best.



Hear The Head And The Heart Live From Studio X

In town for a sold out XRT Show at Metro, Sub Pop sensations The Head And The Heart treated XRT listeners to some music and conversation in-studio with Frank E. Lee. If you’re not familiar, […]



Frank E. Lee’s XRT Halloween Playlist

Music like Bach organ fugues and folky numbers like “Long Black Veil” and “Tam Lin” provide good atmospheric spookiness, but if you crave visceral, “Saw” or “Hostel” type horror on your stereo, consider the following: […]



Frank E. Lee Bio

Frank E. Lee was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. His education in the Chicago Southwest Christian School system left him ill-prepared for a career as a rock superstar, so he turned […]


David Bowie in concert, 1974 (Photo by Terry O'Neill/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Frank E. Lee’s 4D Flashback: Glam Rock [Listen]

[photogallerylink id=126278 align=left]To celebrate XRT’s 40th anniversary, we’re taking a look back to the 1970s. The Glam rock movement began in 1970s London with hair dye, androgyny, and electric guitars. Ancient magic, and Roaring 20s […]



Frank E. Lee And The XRT Airstaff Of ’88 [Inside XRT]

We’ll be living in the 1980’s now thru Sunday night during the first in a series of four monthly XRT 4D Flashback Weekends. Tune in to hear exclusive audio essays contributed by the entire XRT […]



Laura Marling Performs Live From Studio X [Listen]

In her native England, singer-songwriter Laura Marling, who just turned 21 in February, has often been described as an old soul, wise beyond her years. Her work is indeed preternaturally mature in its worldview and […]



Video: The Civil Wars Live From Studio X

Just a quick post about the Civil Wars appearance on XRT yesterday afternoon.They were a textbook example of how to perform on a radio show. They were forthcoming, they had interesting things to say and […]