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Chocolate Dessert at Cafe Des Arcitectes (photo: Lin Brehmer)

Feast Your Eyes On Lin Brehmer’s Foodie Photos

Mary Dixon reported that seeing endless pictures of delectable dishes on social media somehow makes us less, not more, enthusiastic about food. If that were true, I would be losing weight instead of gaining like a sumo wrestler. But I’m willing to help the rest of you eat less by posting these random foodie photos.



Lollaplooza Artist Pairings For Your Trip Down To Chow Town

For many Lollapalooza goers, it’s important to have a good meal in your stomach before all of the um…dancing. Luckily Chow Town offers plenty of sweet, savory, and nutritious grub to keep you going throughout […]


(Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

GRAMMY® Gourmet: Scott Ian of Anthrax

Scott Ian is no stranger to the GRAMMY Awards. His band Anthrax have been nominated three times in the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance category since its introduction in 1990. This year they’ve garnered their fourth, […]



Meet The Chefs Behind Lollapalooza’s Gourmet Chow Town

Indeed, whether festival-goers are in the mood for cuisine hailing from the pizza parlors of downtown Chicago or the streets of Osaka, chances are that for the next few days it can all be found along Columbus Drive. Apparently, there is also some great music to be heard there as well.


(Photo by Roger Kisby/Getty Images)

Lollapalooza 2012: 10 Essential Late Night Eats

I have heaps of friends from out of town or the suburbs coming downtown this weekend for Lollapalooza 2012. Every year, the first question I get asked is after the fest finishes where can I […]


Lollapalooza Chow-Time!

Hanging out at any live music festival can be hard work, especially if it’s 3 days in August at Lollapalooza. As a veteran of  Music Festivals we all are going to need energy to keep […]


Classic Italian American Food Returns To Chicago

After yesterday’s disappointing Bears loss to the Packers, a few friends and I were craving some good old Italian American comfort food. One of our old standbys was always Gennaro’s on Taylor St which sadly […]


The Food Truck Trend Everywhere But Here: Not Your Father’s Street Meat

Usually when you think of getting food from the street aka “Street Meat” you might think of hotdogs, pretzels, honey roasted peanuts, the Tamale Guy or perhaps that weird ham and cheese from The Roach […]


Wrigley Field food changes include Helmet Nachos

Personally I don’t go to ballparks for the food, I keep my culinary delights to the basics, hotdogs, peanuts, beer or perhaps an Italian sausage but that’s it, I leave my gastronomical pleasures to the […]