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Paintballing Company Thinking Outside The Fox [Listen To The XRT Morning Show]

So maybe it’s illegal to hunt foxes in England and Wales, but you can still enjoy the sport with a few minor changes. A UK company is now offering customers the opportunity to go human […]


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The Great American Grump Out [Listen To The XRT Morning Show]

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Too bad, you’re not supposed to be grumpy today, so paste on a smile and get over it because it is the […]


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Woman Bites Dog [Listen To The XRT Morning Show]

One Lake in the Hills mother should have kept her 19-year-old daughter on a tighter leash Sunday. The daughter reportedly bit her mother and the family’s 80-pound English bulldog after coming home drunk. The dog […]



The State Of Fun In Chicago [Listen To The XRT Morning Show]

We’re number three, we’re number three. Maybe it’s the fact that Chicago is home to music festivals like Lollapolooza, or maybe it’s because we have not only one, but two venues where we can enjoy […]


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Table Hockey Is Making A Comeback [Listen]

While most of Chicago is focused on ice hockey and Game Six of the Western Conference Playoffs between the Blackhawks and the Coyotes, another kind of hockey is gaining popularity. There may not be fist […]


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Calling All Aragon Ballroom Concertgoers — Looking For Craigslist Baby Daddy From Megadeth & Motorhead Show [Listen To The XRT Morning Show]

Looking for your baby daddy? Try Craigslist. A blue-haired woman posted an ad in the “missed connections” section to find the father of her unborn child, who she hooked up with at the recent Megadeth/Motorhead […]


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Lin & Mary Discuss The ‘Brozilian Wax’ [Listen]

Hey bro, have you made your appointment yet? Men are now heading to spas to get the latest treatment in male grooming…the Brozilian, or Boyzilian as the New York Times calls it. David Beckham and […]


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The Flying Car Is Here! [Watch]

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a car? This week Terrifugia will be introducing its new flying car, the Transition. Although the car does not have a fun name like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, it can […]


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Vibrating Tattoo On The XRT Morning Show [Listen]

It’s like a pager…for your skin. Finnish cell phone company Nokia, has filed for a patent for a vibrating tattoo, which uses special ink that reacts to magnetic fields sent by your phone when it […]



Sex, Alcohol & Fruit Flies [Listen To The Morning Show]

[pullquote quote=”We didn’t expect to see such dramatic results.” credit=”Galit Shohat-Ophir”]A note to the fellas: Mary Dixon knows why you’re hitting the Guinness so hard this weekend. Fruit flies are hitting the bottle hard — […]