(Courtesy of Sub Pop)

Would You Buy Kurt Cobain’s Old Skis Off Craigslist?

For a low, low price, you could be the proud owner of a telephone, video game and pair of skis that Cobain once owned. The skis don’t have poles, but like the guys says, these are a lot cooler than your average pair of skis.


Lemmy (Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images Entertainment)

Calling All Aragon Ballroom Concertgoers — Looking For Craigslist Baby Daddy From Megadeth & Motorhead Show [Listen To The XRT Morning Show]

Looking for your baby daddy? Try Craigslist. A blue-haired woman posted an ad in the “missed connections” section to find the father of her unborn child, who she hooked up with at the recent Megadeth/Motorhead […]



Wondering Why The Internet Is Blacked Out Everywhere Today?

Many prominent webpages on the Internet are taking the day off today. In a very unified protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) that Congress is thinking about passing, […]


Some Enchanted Rush Hour — Most Romantic Chicago CTA Lines

I’m not sure anyone who regularly takes public transit around town would call the El “romantic.” But Craigslist has been counting its “Missed Connections” ads, and has found love seeking requital where the Red, Brown and […]