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Trump Begins Victory Tour - News With Mary DixonPresident-elect Trump begins his victory tour today in Indianapolis and Ohio ... A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows just one in four Americans wants Obamacare repealed in full ... The Illinois House today is expected to vote on a big subsidy for Exelon's nuclear power plants downstate ... The former Crystal Lake Central High School choir director is accused of giving students booze and having sex with them ... At least five people have died in tornadoes in the southern US, including Tennessee, where thousands had already evacuated because of big wildfires that have killed seven people ... Two small studies indicate that cancer patients might lift their anxiety or depression with psychedelic 'shrooms ... The Bulls lost to the Lakers ... Cloudy today with a chance of sprinkles or flurries this morning and high temperatures in the upper-30s.
Chicago Firefighters Hospitalized - News With Mary DixonFive Chicago firefighters are in the hospital after being sickened by fumes while working a fire. They're based at a station on the West Side; CFD officials expect them to be released soon ... One police officer has been killed in San Antonio and three others injured in St. Louis, Kansas City and Florida in what are believed to be targeted shootings ... We'll find out this morning when baggage handlers and other workers plan to strike at O'Hare International Airport ... President-elect Trump continues meetings with potential administration officials ... after spending the weekend tweeting complaints about 'Hamilton' and 'Saturday Night Live.' Trump's chief of staff says he can't rule out some kind of registry for Muslims from certain countries ... while white supremacists billing themselves as the 'alt-right' met in Washington to celebrate Trump's victory ... President Obama met briefly with Russian President Putin while in Peru ... The Bears lost to the Giants ... the Bulls won in LA ... It'll be sunny and chilly today with a high in the low-40s.
Winter Is Coming - News With Mary DixonSo enjoy today. It'll be really warm for November 17th - with temperatures in the low-70s later today. National Weather Service forecasters are predicting rain and temperatures falling into the 30s by tomorrow night ... One person is dead and several injured in a natural gas explosion in central Illinois. It happened last night in Canton, near Peoria ... The police shooting death of a black man has led to protests in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood, and last night a meeting on race relations ... Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be the first to meet personally with President-elect Donald Trump today ... Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is calling on her supporters to keep fighting for America. She spoke publicly to the Children's Defense Fund last night, for the first time since conceding the election ... President Obama is in Berlin. He plans to award the Medal of Freedom to Michael Jordan, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, Bill and Melinda Gates and several others ... Baseball writers have awarded the Cy Young to pitchers Max Scherzer and Rick Porcello ... the Bulls play tonight in Utah.
'Post-Truth' Is 2016's Word Of The Year - News With Mary DixonThe Oxford Dictionaries Word Of the Year for 2016 is post-truth - an adjective defined as 'relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.' Editors say its us spiked during Britain's Brexit vote and the US presidential election. ... Twitter is suspending numerous accounts associated with the so-called 'alt-right' movement which provides haven for white nationalist, anti-Semitic, racist and sexist views ... President-elect Trump is tweeting that his cabinet appointment process is very organized, while one insider has characterized it as a 'knife fight' ... A Rockford man is charged in last year's murder of a little boy whose body was found in the Garfield Park lagoon ... Fast Eddie Vrdolyak has been indicted on charges related to his getting millions in tobacco settlement money without doing any work on that case ... The Bulls won in Portland while the Blackhawks were shut out in Winnipeg ... and Joe Maddon is a runner-up to the Dodgers' Dave Roberts for Manager of the Year ... Foggy this morning, sunny this afternoon with a high near 60.
Trump Protest Shuts Down LSD - News With Mary DixonA few thousand people marched from Chicago's Trump Tower through the Loop and onto Lake Shore Drive last night to protest the election of Donald Trump. Chicago police report five arrests. Similar protests drew thousands in a number of large American cities. Trump adviser Rudolph Giuliani calls them a bunch of cry-babies. Trump goes to the White House today to begin the transition. So do the Cleveland Cavaliers to celebrate their NBA title, including LeBron James, who supported Hillary Clinton ... There's a hearing today in San Diego on a fraud lawsuit against Trump University ... Stock markets are back up on traders' assumptions that Trump will lower corporate taxes and cut regulations on the health care, banking and energy industries ... Cook County commissioners today are expected to vote on a new tax on pop and other sugary drinks ... The Blackhawks won again and the Bulls lost in Atlanta ... Sunny and windy today with a high in the mid-60s.
Election Day At Last - News With Mary DixonIt’s Election Day, so get out and vote ya big babies. The polls are open in Illinois from until 7 this evening. We’ll be voting for president, and in Illinois for senate, congress and a slew of state and county races. Indiana voters will also choose a new governor. There are some concerns about threats of voter intimidation, or unofficial poll watching encouraged by the Republican presidential nominee. Officials say if you encounter this you should step aside and go in to vote, and if you feel serious concern you should call police. Common Cause, the non-partisan citizens rights organization has set up a voting hotline – 1-866-OUR-VOTE. Chicago police are investigating three deaths and a dozen other shootings around the South and West sides ... The CTA Red Line is running irregularly after a man was hit by a train at 47th Street ... The Bulls beat the Magic at home ... Scattered rain this morning with highs in the upper-50s.
First Prez Debate, Two Visions For The US - News With Mary DixonIt was the lawyer versus the salesman last night in the first presidential debate ... with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump trading jabs on trade, tax returns, racism and temperament. Afterward, Trump complained to reporters that his mic was defective ... It's national voter registration day -- an effort to make sure all Americans who can vote are registered to do so. Early voting begins in Illinois on Thursday ... An accused gang member with a long criminal record is charged in the shooting death of a man near Millennium Park ... CTU members have voted again to authorize a strike; their House of Delegates could set a date tomorrow night ... Nine out of ten people around the world live in an area that has unsafe pollution levels, according the World Health Organization ... The Cubs reached 100 wins in Pittsburgh ... the White Sox beat the Rays ... and the Bulls open training camp today ... It'll be sunny and breezy with highs in the upper-60s.
2 Championship Runs, 1 Building: Your Ultimate Playlist for the Hawks and Bulls Playoff Push
Running of Daaa Bulls [Photos]The Running of the Bulls, or encierro, kicked off again yesterday in Pamplona, Spain. Immortalized in Ernest Hemingway's 1926 novel "The Sun Also Rises", it's a tradition dating back centuries that has come under much scrutiny and controversy. Its popularity has swelled with the number of thrill-seekers and tourists who participate. Animal rights groups, however, call it entertainment torture.
Hawks Win! Now Let's Be Careful Out There ...
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