First Prez Debate, Two Visions For The US - News With Mary DixonIt was the lawyer versus the salesman last night in the first presidential debate ... with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump trading jabs on trade, tax returns, racism and temperament. Afterward, Trump complained to reporters that his mic was defective ... It's national voter registration day -- an effort to make sure all Americans who can vote are registered to do so. Early voting begins in Illinois on Thursday ... An accused gang member with a long criminal record is charged in the shooting death of a man near Millennium Park ... CTU members have voted again to authorize a strike; their House of Delegates could set a date tomorrow night ... Nine out of ten people around the world live in an area that has unsafe pollution levels, according the World Health Organization ... The Cubs reached 100 wins in Pittsburgh ... the White Sox beat the Rays ... and the Bulls open training camp today ... It'll be sunny and breezy with highs in the upper-60s.
2 Championship Runs, 1 Building: Your Ultimate Playlist for the Hawks and Bulls Playoff Push
Running of Daaa Bulls [Photos]The Running of the Bulls, or encierro, kicked off again yesterday in Pamplona, Spain. Immortalized in Ernest Hemingway's 1926 novel "The Sun Also Rises", it's a tradition dating back centuries that has come under much scrutiny and controversy. Its popularity has swelled with the number of thrill-seekers and tourists who participate. Animal rights groups, however, call it entertainment torture.
Hawks Win! Now Let's Be Careful Out There ...
Say It Ain't So, Chicago

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