Closed But Not Forgotten, A Guide To Chicago Music Venues Of The PastA look back at venues that housed some of biggest artists
A Bob Marley Cannabis Strain will be Released on His BirthdayMarley Natural will be available tomorrow on the icon's 71st birthday
Bob Marley Branded Weed To Be Released In Celebration Of His 71st BirthdayWhere it's legal of course...
5 Of The Rarest & Most Expensive GuitarsFinding an expensive guitar is easy. All you need to do is type in "expensive guitar" into Google and you'll be littered with results of guitars costing you up to five figures. Really want to stand out though and have a one of a kind guitar? Check out these 5 extremely rare, and extremely expensive guitars.
Happy 100th Les Paul: 5 Classic Albums with a Les Paul on the CoverLots of legendary six-stringers have rocked a Gibson Les Paul. Some have put them on their album covers.
Happy Birthday Bob Marley!Bob Marley would have turned 70 years old today, join us in wishing him a happy birthday!
The Marleys Friday FeatureForget the cold and feel the groove all day, thanks to Bob, Rita, Ziggy and the rest, starting with the XRT Morning Show.
Escape Chicago Winter For a Warm Musical DestinationWinter is upon us and it seems like it is going to be a long harsh one. You have started to cancel plans that are not within a five block radius from your house and have had delivery food the last three nights to avoid the cold. If you are tired of feeling like a hermit, here are some warm, musical destinations you can escape to.
Hump Day Unusual Moment: Dillard Hartford Dillard "Two Hits & the Joint Turned Brown"
The Coffee Companion's Playlist
How Our Favorite Singers' Vocal Ranges Compare
Bob Marley’s ‘Legend’ Turns 30: Deluxe Edition Coming This JulyThis month 33 years ago, Bob Marley passed away at the age of 36 of cancer. Three years later, Legend, a posthumous compilation of some of the Rastaman's biggest hits.

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