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Two Bears Had A Good Tussle Over Some Garbage And It Was The Cutest Thing Ever

While it was cute, there’s no way in heck I’d want to get between those two bears.


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Long Time: Slightly Nippy Send-Off to #89 [Listen]

The Bears retired Iron Mike Ditka’s number 89 in the middle of decimating Da Coach’s other former team, the Dallas Cowboys last night. The temperature with the windchill was -9 degrees at kickoff, making it […]


'85 Bears (album art)

Too Early?

I don’t believe in magical thinking. I do however keep mum when a Cub pitcher has a no-no going and tell the world when one’s going against the Cubs. I also believe that my iPod […]


Chicago Bears head coach Mike Ditka, 1985.  Photo by: Jonathan Daniel/Allsport, Getty Images

40 Years In 40 Days: Chicago News In ’86 [Listen]

If there was anything to take away from the year 1986, it was the Bears’ overwhelming Super Bowl XX victory against the Patriots with a final score of 46-10. Back then, it was all about […]


What’s More Fun Than Watching The Bears Lose? Ten Ideas:

Oh, my Chicago Bears. That loss to the Lions was not good. Not good at all.  I’m afraid it’s time to give you the bad boyfriend treatment, and stop returning your calls until you get your […]


NFL Picks With Jason Thomas – Week 2

[photogallerylink id=98623 align=left]Week 1 was ugly.  For me, anyway.  We all know how wild and unpredictable it is going in, but that doesn’t really help you when it comes to making your picks.  You just […]


NFL Picks With Jason Thomas – Playoff Damage Assessment

3-1 for the Wild Card round, followed by a 1-3 in the divisional games, plus a 1-1 for the conference championships equals a big, fat, mediocre .500 record.  Whatever.  Something to focus on now if […]


Bearing Down

Two days to go until the NFC Championship game. It’s Bears-Packers, it’s big, and it’s getting a little silly …        


Uh, Oh

The bad news: Sports Illustrated has put the Bears on this week’s cover. The good news: SI picks the Packers to win this Sunday’s NFC Championship .


NFL Picks With Jason Thomas – Divisional Playoffs

[photogallerylink id=41715 align=left]Can you imagine how crazy it’s gonna be if the Packers can manage to beat the Falcons on Saturday night in Atlanta?  IF that goes down, then by noon on Sunday all that […]