Paul Young with Lin Brehmer

From The 80’s Obscurity File [Playlist]

These are songs that may not be obscure to anyone who listened to XRT in the 80’s. In the rest of the world, these songs did not really exist. If you were to mention these songs to people elsewhere they might look at you, to borrow a phrase, as if lobsters were climbing out of your ears. The 80’s were a whole lot more than just Michael Jackson.



4D Flashback: Television In 1972 [Listen]

In 1972 the CBS television network presented a killer comedy lineup that kept many viewers from going out on the town. In the 1970s before television recording existed, viewers would have to watch their favorite […]


Lin Brehmer & Norm Winer, 1988

1988 Programming Move — From The P.D.’s Desk [Inside XRT]

WXRT Program Director Norm Winer (then and now) takes the back cover and a few minutes in May of 1988 to fill listeners in on the move from the old on-air studio, down the hall […]



1988: Our Year In Music [Inside XRT]

In this January 1989 issue of Inside XRT then-Music Director, Lin Brehmer sums up the previous year in music. Now, just over 20 years later his observations of the artists still ring true. On the […]



1987: The Music Year That Was [Inside XRT]

Lin recaps the year in music for 1987, noting the year’s surprises, comebacks, and success stories, and pays special attention to a few local gems that went unnoticed in the grand scheme of things. Click […]


Prince (Photo BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images)

Top 5 Reasons Prince Ruled The 80’s

Since we are focused with neon-purple wayfarer sunglasses on XRT’s 40 years in 40 Days — the 1980’s, it’s fitting to make a case for the greatest little rocker of the decade (not to be […]



Giving Peace A Chance In 1983

I’m not only a fan of the man and his music, but I had the honor of interacting with him and his mates in a very significant way. It was 1983, and the Peace Museum […]



The Debut Of ONXRT: Live From The Archives, Volume 1 [Inside XRT]

It’s hard to believe that the “On XRT: Live from the Archives” compilation album is already on its 114th volume. Over the past twenty years, XRT has shared recordings of special concerts and in-studio performances […]



Lin Brehmer… From Every Angle [XRT 4D Flashback]

The beginning of the 90’s marked an era of change both for XRT and the city of Chicago. The 80’s had ended and grunge had taken off, and Lin Brehmer began his stint as morning […]



DJ Favorites Of The 90s [Inside XRT]

XRT typically relies on the listeners to discover the best musical talent, but for the 20th Anniversary, the DJs looked back over the 2 decades to select the best concerts, albums, and artists (and a […]