Saturday Morning Flashback

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Touchdown by the Fridge!
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Saturday Morning Flashback: 1986 [Playlist]

Chicago was united by a cast of characters known as Da Bears, and the icing on the cake was their total domination Superbowl victory over the New England Patriots. It was also the year that [...]


A framed (and cracked) memento of an amazing live broadcast of Bruce & the E Street Band from the Agora in Cleveland. 
Photo: W. Rice

Saturday Morning Flashback: 1978 [Playlist]

It was a very good year for Springsteen fans. Darkness on the Edge of Town topped the XRT Listener Poll, and if there had been a Best Concert category back then, his September show at [...]


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Saturday Morning Flashback: 1989 [Playlist]

Greg Maddux, the logo-less 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, was proudly wearing his Cubs uniform in 1989. Despite his talents, his team quickly succumbed to the San Francisco Giants, who were ultimately defeated by [...]


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Saturday Morning Flashback: 1972 [Playlist]

In a year when he became the first U.S. President to visit China and the Soviet Union, Richard Nixon easily defeated George McGovern for re-election in November. But the Washington Post continued to investigate that [...]


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Saturday Morning Flashback: 1994 [Playlist]

The World Cup was hosted by the country that stubbornly calls it “soccer” – and the opening ceremony was held right here in Chicago, with Oprah playing MC for the festivities at Soldier Field on [...]


From the archives: an electric typewriter produced the "Listeners Poll" on official WXRT letterhead.
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Saturday Morning Flashback: 1979 [Playlist]

Since we tend to organize years into decades, 1979 is naturally assigned to the 70s. But many of the songs we played on Flashback sound more like the early 80s rather than the album rock [...]


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Saturday Morning Flashback: 1985 [Playlist]

Some say it was the year that “rock got a conscience” with major fund raising events and recordings like Live Aid, Farm Aid, USA For Africa, and Artists United Against Apartheid. I’m not so sure [...]


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Saturday Morning Flashback: 1977 [Playlist]

In the year that saw the death of the King, music was re-energized. Debut releases from artists like Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, the Clash, and others offered an invigorating challenge to the predictable mainstream rock bands of the mid-70s.


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Saturday Morning Flashback: 1980 [Playlist]

The 1980 “Miracle on Ice” has been mentioned more than a few times during coverage of the Sochi Games, and for good reason. That semi-final match pitting U.S. collegiate underdogs against the mighty Soviet Union [...]



Flashback: The Making of “I’m Not In Love” by 10cc [Listen]

Johnny Mars will be behind the board for Saturday Morning Flashback — 1977. He just dropped my a line saying he’s going to give a spin to 10cc’s “I’m Not In Love,” early in the show. This is a track full of 70s studio magic and worth checking out in more detail.

If you have a few free minutes, watch this short documentary on the making of the song below and how the band used vocal loops the create the breathy atmosphere that makes this recording so unique.