Saturday Morning Flashback

Saturday Mornings at 8:00am

Saturday Morning Flashback: 1969 [Playlist]

It was an historic year for space travel and a pivotal year for music…


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1992 [Playlist]

A year of outstanding music, and memories of basketball victories…


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1983 [Playlist]

While you were’t giving up your turntable quite yet, the digital revolution was dawning …


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1995 [Playlist]

Much of the ’95 show could have passed for “Local Anesthetic!”


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1987 [Playlist]

As always, our annual Listener Poll reflected the top albums of the year…


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1991 [Playlist]

One of the best memories of 1991: the Bulls won their very first NBA championship…


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1982 [Playlist]

The top artists on our annual Listener Poll included the Clash, Peter Gabriel, the Who, Bruce Springsteen…


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1968 [Playlist]

It seemed appropriate to feature a year of upheaval and dissention on the day that marches were held throughout the world…


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1978 [Playlist]

The biggest concert event in Chicago happened in August when Mayor Michael Bilandic “borrowed” the concept of an urban outdoor festival…


Saturday Morning Flashback: 1994 [Playlist]

It was the year of Forrest Gump and Pulp Fiction, the bizarre white Ford Bronco slow-motion highway chase, no World Series, and a new TV show called Friends


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