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Lin’s Bin: Tanning

Maybe you remember teenage girls using Johnson’s baby oil in the hopes it would accelerate the tanning process.


Why Are Women Crazy: Lin’s Bin Script

Because men still complain about how rough they have it.


Lin’s Bin: What’s It Like To Be Lin Brehmer?

I like to say “FANTASTIC.” Judging from the reactions, this is a surprising response.


Lin’s Bin: Why Does Listening To The Blues Make Us Feel So Good?

We don’t find the blues, the blues find us.


Lin’s Bin: A Mother’s Advice

The advice a mother gives a teenager isn’t bad. The advice might be good, but having to hear it from your mother? Bad.


Lin’s Bin: Do We Really Want The Cubs To Win The World Series?

Do we really want the Cubs to win the World Series? What kind of question is that?


Lin’s Bin: What’s The Difference?

Mystical. Magical. What’s the difference?


Lin’s Bin 12th Anniversary

A new feature was born on October 14, 2002 called Lin’s Bin. Why don’t you answer people’s questions on the air? Why would I do that? Because it’s sponsored. Oh, got it. That was over 2,400 pages ago. Two questions and two answers a week. The first question? ‘What did Pavlov do with the dog saliva?’ This morning I asked my loyal Facebook followers if they had a favorite. Here’s the original script from the front runner. Hope you enjoy it.


What’s The Beef With Wisconsin And The Packers? [Lin’s Bin]

Today’s Lin’s Bin addressed The Green Bay Packers who come to Soldier Field this Sunday. Here is the original script which you can compare to the full audio extravaganza at 6:15pm when this Lin’s Bin airs for the second and final time.


Fatten Up Your Tuesday With Lin Brehmer’s New Orleans Playlist

While the rest of you try to recreate a Mardi Gras crewe in some Chicago tavern or music club, I’ll try to stay out of trouble, for once. Maybe a late lunch at Heaven on […]


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