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Why Are Women Crazy: Lin’s Bin Script

Because men still complain about how rough they have it.


Lin’s Bin: What’s It Like To Be Lin Brehmer?

I like to say “FANTASTIC.” Judging from the reactions, this is a surprising response.


Lin’s Bin: Why Does Listening To The Blues Make Us Feel So Good?

We don’t find the blues, the blues find us.


Lin’s Bin: A Mother’s Advice

The advice a mother gives a teenager isn’t bad. The advice might be good, but having to hear it from your mother? Bad.


Lin’s Bin: Do We Really Want The Cubs To Win The World Series?

Do we really want the Cubs to win the World Series? What kind of question is that?


Lin’s Bin: What’s The Difference?

Mystical. Magical. What’s the difference?


Lin’s Bin 12th Anniversary

A new feature was born on October 14, 2002 called Lin’s Bin. Why don’t you answer people’s questions on the air? Why would I do that? Because it’s sponsored. Oh, got it. That was over 2,400 pages ago. Two questions and two answers a week. The first question? ‘What did Pavlov do with the dog saliva?’ This morning I asked my loyal Facebook followers if they had a favorite. Here’s the original script from the front runner. Hope you enjoy it.


What’s The Beef With Wisconsin And The Packers? [Lin’s Bin]

Today’s Lin’s Bin addressed The Green Bay Packers who come to Soldier Field this Sunday. Here is the original script which you can compare to the full audio extravaganza at 6:15pm when this Lin’s Bin airs for the second and final time.


Fatten Up Your Tuesday With Lin Brehmer’s New Orleans Playlist

While the rest of you try to recreate a Mardi Gras crewe in some Chicago tavern or music club, I’ll try to stay out of trouble, for once. Maybe a late lunch at Heaven on […]


XRT’s Rock & Roll Playlist Pairing For The Dunkin’ Donuts Lover In Your Life

Here at XRT there’s nothing we crave more than music, but sometimes we need to fill up on some of these sweet beauties. (Just ask our morning man!) Forget the coffee, doughnuts are best paired […]


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