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Fatten Up Your Tuesday With Lin Brehmer’s New Orleans Playlist

While the rest of you try to recreate a Mardi Gras crewe in some Chicago tavern or music club, I’ll try to stay out of trouble, for once. Maybe a late lunch at Heaven on [...]


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XRT’s Rock & Roll Playlist Pairing For The Dunkin’ Donuts Lover In Your Life

Here at XRT there’s nothing we crave more than music, but sometimes we need to fill up on some of these sweet beauties. (Just ask our morning man!) Forget the coffee, doughnuts are best paired [...]


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Lin’s Bin: Dogs

Why/When did dogs become man’s best friend? I don’t want to talk about fossil remains of domesticated dogs of 30,000 years ago. Or the important roles dogs play in contemporary society. I want to talk [...]


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Lin’s Bin: Dogs [Free Download]

When did the dog becomes man’s best friend? We take a look at why a creature that cannot speak back to us is considered our best companion. Listen To More Episodes Of Lin’s Bin Download [...]


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Lin’s Bin: Encore [Free Download]

Is the encore still a memorable experience is we have come to expect it at every concert? Listen To More Episodes Of Lin’s Bin Download FREE Music Connect With XRT On Facebook & Twitter


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Lin’s Bin: Stars [Free Download]

When we have nowhere else to turn, who do we look for to provide us with answers? The never ending portrait of the stars above often give us answers to life’s most daunting questions, even [...]



Lin’s Bin: Can I Borrow Some Money?

Lin gets asked, “Can I borrow some money?” and takes a long look back at his history with “the listener.” You’ve been through a lot together over the years. Hear what Lin’s response is below. [...]



Lins Bin: Is Chicago Cubs Fandom A Religion? [Watch]

Does Cubs fandom reach a level fitting for scripture? Is Wrigley Field a place of woe or worship? This week Lin dons robes of blue and delivers a sermon for the heavily persecuted but fiercely [...]



Lin Brehmer’s Vatican Rag [Watch]

Did I ever tell you about the time I played “The Vatican Rag” by Tom Lehrer on the radio in the early 90’s and it caused enough outrage that our general manager had me call [...]



Mick & Lin [Listen]

Did I ever tell you about the time that I spent an hour interviewing Mick Jagger one on one in October of 2001? Actually, I know I did. I told the whole story on Lin’s [...]



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