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Check out some movie reviews from a Chicagoan’s perspective. The Regular Guy tells it like he sees it and now you can tell us how you see it too! Listen to reviews and post your comments!


Travel to McFarland, USA With The Regular Guy

According to the Regular Guy, Disney + Kevin Costner make an authentic, inspirational story. Hear what he thought of this “surprisingly emotional” story of a cross country coach’s move to a small town in California. […]



The Regular Guy Wishes He Had His Own Time Machine After Seeing This Comedy Sequel

The regular guy reviews this trip to the future and it turns out to be one of the worst movies of our present. Download



Find Out What The Regular Guy Thinks Of Kingsman: The Secret Service

This “entertaining throwback spy action comedy extravaganza” stars Colin Firth like you’ve never seen him before. Download



Does 50 Shades Of Grey Need To Be Whipped Into Shape? The Regular Guy Reviews

The Regular Guy reviews the newest book adaptation that’s dominating the box office. Download



Hear Why The Regular Guy Thinks The New SpongeBob Movie “Ain’t Like Any Other Animation Movie You’re Ever Gonna See”

SpongeBob joins up with his nemesis, Plankton, to return the Krabby Patty formula to its rightful home, below the sea. Download



Enjoy Jupiter Ascending For What It Is, And Find Out What “It” Is From The Regular Guy

The latest movie from “those wacky Wachowski’s” tells the story of an alienistic royal family struggling to figure out the next heir to Earth. It’s full of breathtaking special effects but might also leave you […]



Another Found Footage Movie! The Regular Guy Reviews Project Almanac

The Regular Guy reviews the newest time travel film that starts off strong, but ends with a weak butterfly effect. Download



Have Your Cake And Watch It Too? Check Out What The Regular Guy Thinks Of Jennifer Aniston’s New Film

The Regular Guy asks, “is this something you actually want to watch?” in Jennifer Aniston’s “going for an award” movie. Listen here to find out if this cake is too painful to stomach. Download



We “Mustache” The Regular Guy What He Thinks Of Mortdecai

This “fast-paced farce” about a struggling art dealer pays tribute to Terry Thomas… and mustaches. Download



The Regular Guy Reviews The Hard To See And Harder To Watch Still Alice

The Regular Guy reviews Julianne Moore’s Golden Globe winning performance, in this honest film whose subject matter finds too many people in real life. Download



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