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Check out some movie reviews from a Chicagoan’s perspective. The Regular Guy tells it like he sees it and now you can tell us how you see it too! Listen to reviews and post your comments!


The Regular Guy Isn’t Playing Around, Find Out What He Thinks Of The Imitation Game

Racing against time, Alan Turing and a team of code-breakers work to crack Nazi Germany’s Enigma Code during World War II. Download



The Regular Guy Reviews A Hikers Long and Lonely Journey

In the film adaptation of Wild, a young woman walks an extended length of the Pacific Crest Trail trying to escape the past that haunts her. Download



Is Horrible Bosses 2 As Funny As The First? Find Out From The Regular Guy

Dale, Kurt and Nick are back again in the sequel to Horrible Bosses. This time, the trio seeks to start their own business while trying not to be duped by their superiors once again. Download



The Regular Guy Reviews One For The Katniss Kids: The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1

The Hunger Games, part one of part three, is a classic place holder that could have used some more Lenny Kravitz. Download



Who Is John Wick? Find Out From The Regular Guy

A former assassin returns to work in order to find the gangsters who destroyed his peaceful retirement. Download



Is It As Funny As The First One? The Regular Guy Reviews Dumb And Dumber To

20 years in the making, Harryand Lloyd, the nitwits who make the 3 stooges look like consultants on Interstellar are back in Dumb and Dumber to. Download



Where Were We For The First 5? The Regular Guy Reviews Big Hero 6

As for Big Hero 6, might be better for kids over 6. That’s what it looked like to The Regular Guy. Download



The Regular Guy Reviews The Intergalactic Journey Featuring Matthew McConaughey

A group of explorers aim to push the limits of space travel in this intergalactic epic adventure. Download



It’s One Of The Most Physically Exciting Movies I’ve Seen, The Regular Guy Reviews Whiplash

It’s one of the most physically exciting movies the Regular Guy has seen. And If I told you, this riveting strapped to your seat experience was about a music teacher and his student., you’d say I was nuts. Go ahead, say it, “What are you nuts?” No the people in the movie are nuts, not me, cuz look pal, if you confuse Whiplash with something like Mr Hollands opus, JK Simmons is coming to your house and that is something you do not want.



Creepy & Crawly, Hear The Regular Guy Talk Nightcrawler

Jake Gyllenhall stars in the remake of the comic series as a journalist that gets a little too involved with his own stories.



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