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Check out some movie reviews from a Chicagoan’s perspective. The Regular Guy tells it like he sees it and now you can tell us how you see it too! Listen to reviews and post your comments!


A Regular Guy’s Appetite is Fulfilled After the Last Hunger Games

“It ended about as good as it coulda ended.” Download



Love Is Too Strong a Word for A Regular Guy’s Review of Love the Coopers

“They do der best to put a holiday spin on all der problems like divorce, and unemployment and jealousy and shopliftin’ and arrests and dementia and broken dreams. This is a comedy too.” Download



It’s A Regular Guy’s Review of The Peanuts Movie, Charlie Brown!

“The Peanuts world still works the same way it always has with da new animation. Maybe da heads are bigger, maybe it’s more colorful, but everything else is exactly da same.” Download



The Name’s Guy. Regular Guy. And This Is His Review of Spectre.

“Spectre is a throwback, wit a bunch a nods to the origins that explain why da guy is a ball a angst.” Download



Our Brand is Crisis is Not the Brand for a Regular Guy

“This brand will probably be forgotten and never talked about again.” Download



A Regular Guy Thinks Burnt is a Little Overdone

“If Burnt was an actual joint instead of a movie, probably woulda been closed already.” Download



A Regular Guy Gets Spooky With His Review of Crimson Peak

“So really, it’s not a horror movie although, it’s got a bunch of gory, horrible things.” Download



Does Rock The Kasbah Bring The Laughs? A Regular Guy Weighs In

“It’s Murray in Afghanistan. That is not a place that creates a lot of laughs…but Murray makes it much better than it has any right to be.” Download



Duck and Cover With A Regular Guy’s Review of Bridge of Spies

“Da movie tells a great story: Cold War, world on the brink of annihilation, Russian spies in New York, American spies in the air, and kids crawlin’ underneath der desks thinkin’ a big piece a […]



Hear Whether A Regular Guy Thinks Steve Jobs Is Worth The Upgrade

“It’s a pretty lively and entertainin’ biopic that is a tour de force of actin’ from Fassbender.” Download


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