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Check out some movie reviews from a Chicagoan’s perspective. The Regular Guy tells it like he sees it and now you can tell us how you see it too! Listen to reviews and post your comments!


Hear What the Regular Guy Thinks of the Ben Stiller’s Latest Comedy, While We’re Young

“A lot of it makes fun of the hipster New York scene and has fun with oldsters who find themselves attracted to that lifestyle now that they are lost in middle age.” Download



Hear Why the Regular Guy Thinks It Follows is “One of the Best Reviewed Horror Movies in Almost Forever”

“Now the first hour of It Follows is some of the best horror I can remember seein’. From the very first frame, you’re put on edge.” Download



Hit The Ground Running With The Regular Guy’s Review Of Furious 7

The Fast and Furious franchise sets the “gold standard for crazy, unvelievable stunt film making.” And Furious 7 is no different. Download



The Regular Guy Reviews Another Teen Novel Cash Grab, Insurgent

“And it’s sorta science fiction. Sorta high school faction. Sorta 3D action.” Download



The Regular Guy Reviews Sean Penn’s New Action Flop, The Gunman

“It tries to be serious while being silly but not silly enough and worse, it gets more boring as it goes on.” Download



The Regular Guy Reviews “One More Bit ‘O Ireland” In ’71

“It’s a political thriller where the politics don’t seem to make sense. It’s an action picture where the action is ramped up like a Borne movie, but it’s too real to have fun.” Download



The Regular Guy Reviews Some Irishmen On St. Patty’s Day

The Regular Guy reviews Liam Neeson’s new “high body count” movie. Download



The Regular Guy Has A Hard Time Finding The Funny in Unfinished Business

This Vince Vaughn flop about three men trying to make a German business deal may be a contender for worst movie of the year. Download



Does The Regular Guy Think Chappie Deserves All Those Terrible Reviews?

A futuristic story, where lawlessness and technology collide into a sweet family drama, with a couple of weirdo punks and their robot. Download



Find Out What The regular Guy Thinks Of The Newest Slasher Film, The Lazarus Effect

The Regular Guy reviews this new horror film about the effects of bring a loved one back from the dead. Is the Lazarus Effect scary enough to hold his interest, or should the directors have […]