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The Regular Guy Reviews “One More Bit ‘O Ireland” In ’71

“It’s a political thriller where the politics don’t seem to make sense. It’s an action picture where the action is ramped up like a Borne movie, but it’s too real to have fun.” Download



The Regular Guy Reviews Some Irishmen On St. Patty’s Day

The Regular Guy reviews Liam Neeson’s new “high body count” movie. Download



The Regular Guy Has A Hard Time Finding The Funny in Unfinished Business

This Vince Vaughn flop about three men trying to make a German business deal may be a contender for worst movie of the year. Download



Does The Regular Guy Think Chappie Deserves All Those Terrible Reviews?

A futuristic story, where lawlessness and technology collide into a sweet family drama, with a couple of weirdo punks and their robot. Download



Find Out What The regular Guy Thinks Of The Newest Slasher Film, The Lazarus Effect

The Regular Guy reviews this new horror film about the effects of bring a loved one back from the dead. Is the Lazarus Effect scary enough to hold his interest, or should the directors have […]



The Regular Guy Reviews Focus. See If He Fell For The Scam

Did the regular guy get conned into liking Will Smith’s newest film? Find out what he has to say about Focus. Download



Travel to McFarland, USA With The Regular Guy

According to the Regular Guy, Disney + Kevin Costner make an authentic, inspirational story. Hear what he thought of this “surprisingly emotional” story of a cross country coach’s move to a small town in California. […]



The Regular Guy Wishes He Had His Own Time Machine After Seeing This Comedy Sequel

The regular guy reviews this trip to the future and it turns out to be one of the worst movies of our present. Download



Find Out What The Regular Guy Thinks Of Kingsman: The Secret Service

This “entertaining throwback spy action comedy extravaganza” stars Colin Firth like you’ve never seen him before. Download



Does 50 Shades Of Grey Need To Be Whipped Into Shape? The Regular Guy Reviews

The Regular Guy reviews the newest book adaptation that’s dominating the box office. Download