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Pitch Perfect 2 Strikes A Chord With The Regular Guy

The Regular Guy joins “The Legions of Pitches,” admitting Pitch Perfect 2 is “nowhere near as painful” as he was expecting. Download



Does A Regular Guy Think Mad Max: Fury Road Lives Up to All of The Hype?

“There are many rememorable characters and so much action eye candy of the highest level, that when you see it, it turns out to be more than what you expected and better than you could’ve […]



Will “The D Train” Get An “A” In The Regular Guy’s Gradebook?

According to the Regular Guy, “The D Train” is “a weird movie about delusional people doing delusional and desperate things.” Download



The Regular Guy Isn’t So Hot For “Hot Pursuit”

If Hot Pursuit is a sincere attempt to make a quick, unoriginal, and lamely put together movie, in that regard, it succeeded. Download



No Monkeying Around Here! The Regular Guy Reviews Disney’s “Monkey Kingdom”

Monkey Kingdom tells the story of a single-mother monkey named Maya as she raises her social standing and baby, Kip. In the Disney tradition, this film is a fine addition to their annual nature releases. […]



Hear If The Regular Guy Thinks Avengers: Age of Ultron Lived Up To The Original

This sequel’s 3D effects come in big, bigger, and please stop. Find out how the Regular Guy endured Avengers: Age of Ultron. Download



Hear a Regular Guy’s Thoughts on Russell Crowe’s Directorial Debut, The Water Diviner

“Basically a moving, anti-war film, in its message that war is bad for everybody including the enemy.” Download



A Regular Guy Reviews the Timeless Flick, Age of Adaline

The trials and tribulations of Adaline, a women whose life has been suspended in time. Download



Hear a Regular Guy’s Review of the Teen Slasher, Unfriended

Find out why Unfriend “could change up the way we watch horror movies in the same way the found footage of the Blair Witch and the Paranormal Activities did.” Download



Find Out Why It Took The Regular Guy 12 Hours to Watch Ex Machina

Special effects make this one of the coolest looking movies in a while. Download