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One Comment

  1. C. Todd Binning says:

    Kodachrome moments

  2. Mary Doyle says:

    I would like to take my mother Alice Doyle. Alice is in a nursing home and has been a fan for as long as I can remember…It would a dream come ture

  3. Slatersan says:

    Lin — a few more:

    The Cool Cool River
    Wartime Prayers
    Love Is Eternal Sacred Light
    The Obvious Child
    Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
    American Tune

  4. Good list, Lin. Simon is one of my all-time champion songwriters. Would like to include his whole catalog, but here are a few more on my personal favorites list:
    1) SAVE THE LIFE OF MY CHILD (S&G’S Bookends album) – Powerful, surreal song to kick off a rather surreal album, a snapshot of social alienation & distance. Dark shades of “I Am A Rock.” Great sound, love the way The Sound of Silence comes drifting back into the mix.
    2) CECILIA (S&G’s Bridge Over Troubled Water) – Rockin’ declaration of a very naughty boy!
    3) SO LONG, FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT (also S&G’s Bridge…) – Love the ethereal voicing on this nod to our hometown son.
    4) THE DANGLING CONVERSATION (S&G’s Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme) – Sublime poetry in still-life watercolor, in syn-co-pat-ed time.
    5) BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER (S&G’s Bridge again) – Yeah, I know its schmatzy & overdone, but a magnificent message, a balm lifting us out of the tumultuous 60s When done by a master of soul like Aretha Franklin, it becomes transcendent.
    6) GONE AT LAST (Simon’s Still Crazy After All These Years) – A testifyin’ gospel thumper!
    7) All of Simon’s tunes incorporating elements of World Music…for opening our ears & getting our feet to dancin’.

    As to the other Christmas tunes…”Star Carol” and “Comfort & Joy.” Hearing those songs (unreleased at the time – on S&G’s Old Friends box set) makes me wish S&G would have completed their holiday album…albeit an odd contrast to their cultural heritage. Would have been an enduring classic, I think. And hey, if Streisand can do it, why not?

    — Katie Jones, Aurora, IL (

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