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Mary Dixon is a Chicago native who had to take the long way home. Not long after her birth at Loretto Hospital on the West Side, Mary’s parents packed the family up for their ancestral home of Dixon, Illinois. It was there that she quit a career as a very bad waitress to begin spinning records and reading hog reports for WIXN Radio. [Read Mary’s Full Bio]

GOP Healthcare Bill Advances – News With Mary Dixon

The House Ways and Means Committee voted early this morning to forward their leaders’ health care proposal, which dismantles Obamacare’s individual mandate that Americans buy health insurance. The bill faces opposition from Democrats, some conservative and moderate Republicans, and a number of health care groups … The Washington Post reports President Trump’s budget proposal would cut 6-billion dollars from the Department of Housing and Urban Development … The Chicago Teachers Union may go on strike for one day if CPS ends classes early because of their budget crisis … The Bulls lost in Orlando … Illinois and Northwestern begin the Big Ten tournament … High winds broke glass, messed up 9-1-1 service and disrupted power from the Midwest to New York State yesterday … Climate scientists say February was the second warmest on record, and man-made climate change tripled the chances it would happen … We have a chance of light rain or light snow today and high temperatures in the low-40s.


A Day Without A Woman – News With Mary Dixon

Women are being encouraged to skip work – paid and unpaid – save their money for small businesses owned by women, wear red, attend rallies, or at least let dudes change the toilet paper roll for once. The followup to January’s Women’s March is meant to highlight issues like discrimination and economic inequality … The state of Hawaii is challenging President Trump’s travel ban in court … Both small government conservative and more moderate Republicans are challenging their party’s health care bill, which moves to committee hearings today … The FBI is getting ready to go after the source of leaks from the CIA to WikiLeaks. The website has posted what it says is an arsenal of hacking tools the CIA has used to spy on espionage targets … The Chicago Jewish Day School on the North Side was one of a dozen Jewish targets of fake bomb threats yesterday … The Big Ten men’s college basketball tournament begins today. The Bulls are in Orlando tonight … It’s going to be very windy today, with temperatures in the low-50s.


GOP Rolls Out Health Plan – News With Mary Dixon

The Republican proposal for dismantling the Affordable Care Act scales back insurance subsidies, loosens the rules on health plans for individuals, and limits future federal funding for Medicaid and Planned Parenthood. It repeals the corresponding tax increases on the wealthy, health insurers, and drug companies. Some Senate Republicans are concerned it will leave millions of Americans without health coverage. The proposal goes to House hearings tomorrow … President Trump’s revised travel ban would restrict visas to travelers from six Muslim-majority countries and suspend the country’s refugee program … Our new Housing Secretary, Ben Carson, is clarifying yesterday’s remarks about African slaves being immigrants. Carson now says he’s aware they’re two entirely different experiences … Suburban congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL6) was defending his avoidance of town hall meetings at the City Club of Chicago … Chance the Rapper has donated $1-million to arts and enrichment programs in the Chicago Public Schools, a few days after what he said were unsuccessful talks with Governor Rauner on the subject … The Bulls lost in Detroit … It was a dark and stormy night, with tornadoes causing damage in Kansas City, Missouri and tornado warnings through central Illinois … It’ll be sunny and breezy today with high temperatures in the mid-50s.


FBI Chief Pushes Back At Trump – News With Mary Dixon

The heads of the House and Senate intelligence committees say they’ll look into President Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that President Obama tapped his phones during the election. FBI Director Comey has reportedly asked the Justice Department to publicly rebuke this unprecedented allegation … Trump may issue a new travel ban as soon as today. It would affect most of the same Muslim-majority countries with some changes from the order blocked by several federal judges … Chicago made it almost a week without a homicide. Police are investigating one man’s death and more than 20 other shootings from the weekend … Great Lakes regional mayors are sounding the alarm on the Trump administration’s proposed cuts to funding for restoring and cleaning up the lakes … Northwestern and the U of I men’s basketball teams lost their final games of the regular season … ISU lost to Wichita State for the MVC Championship …. It’ll be cloudy, windy and unseasonably warm today, with temperatures in the low-60s.


Trump: Russian Stories A “Total ‘Witch Hunt!'” – News With Mary Dixon

Russia’s foreign minister Lavrov says the scandal over Trump administration members’ contacts with the Russian ambassador looks like a witch hunt. President Trump Tweeted the same words, “witch hunt,” as he defended his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, last night. Sessions has recused himself from any investigations into allegations that the Kremlin interfered with the US election … The Indianapolis Star reports Vice President Pence used a private AOL e-mail account for some public business while he was governor of Indiana — and that it was hacked last summer … A Brighton Park Little League coach is charged with sexually assaulting two young cousins who played on his team … The Peoria headquarters of one of Illinois’ largest businesses, Caterpillar, was raided by federal agents yesterday … Chance the Rapper plans to meet with Governor Rauner this morning, to discuss funding for the Chicago Public Schools … The Bulls beat the Warriors … It’ll be sunny and in the low-30s today.


AG Sessions Met Russian Ambassador During Campaign – News With Mary Dixon

Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke twice with Russia’s ambassador to the US while he was a senior adviser to the Trump campaign. The Justice Department confirms it; Sessions did not disclose this during confirmation hearings. UPDATE: Sessions now tells NBC he never met with Russian officials to discuss any political campaign. Top Democrats are calling for Sessions to resign; some Republicans – including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Oversight chairman Jason Chaffetz – say Sessions should clarify his testimony, and recuse himself from investigations relating to President Trump’s ties to Russia … The New York Times reports officials in the Obama White House spread information across the government on Russian interference in the US election. Their goal was to make sure it didn’t happen again, and to leave a trail for investigators … A second person has died of injuries from this week’s tornadoes in LaSalle County … Illinois lawmakers are pulling the plug on a budget compromise, and Democrats blame Governor Rauner … Chicago’s Cardinal Cupich is telling priests to not allow immigration agents into churches without a warrant … The Blackhawks beat the Penguins … Northwestern’s men beat Michigan in basketball … The city’s snow trucks are being deployed for the first time this year. We’ll get up to an inch of snow today, with high temperatures in the mid-30s.


Trump: “Time For Trivial Fights Behind Us” – News With Mary Dixon

President Trump gave Congress a broad outline of his plans for overhauling Obamacare, changing the tax code, restricting immigration and boosting infrastructure spending … UPDATE: Trump today was expected to sign a new travel ban that will exempt Iraq as well as people with visas and green cards, but that’s been delayed. White House officials say they don’t want to distract from the positive reaction to last night’s speech … Attorney General Jeff Sessions says his Justice Department will pull back on federal civil rights probes, like the one that concluded Chicago police engaged in civil rights abuses … At least two people have died in tornadoes and severe thunderstorms across Illinois and the Midwest. One of the deaths was reported in Ottawa in north central Illinois … Chicago’s fourth ward has elected Sophia King to remain as alderman … Mardi Gras is over, and the more contemplative Ash Wednesday begins. Some churches around Chicago will offer worshippers glittery ashes in support of the LGBTQ community … The Bulls lost to the Nuggets … the Blackhawks are bringing back Johnny Oduya … We’re expecting rain and then snow today, with temperatures in the mid-40s.


CPS Out On June 1? – News With Mary Dixon

Chicago Public Schools may end the school year three weeks early without some extra money from Springfield. CPS chief Forrest Claypool says they’re asking a judge to bar the State of Illinois from sending out all school funds until it sends more to Chicago. Without a favorable ruling, they may end the school year on June first, and cut back summer school programs. … At least 20 Jewish Community Centers in a dozen states got bomb threats yesterday. They were hoaxes, but synagogues and JCCs around Chicago are on alert. The Anti-Defamation League is among those calling on the Trump administration to take action … Tonight, the president addresses a joint session of Congress on his first budget proposal, which includes more money for defense and cuts for the State Department and domestic programs … Three people have died in a small plane crash in Riverside, California … SpaceX is planning to take two private citizens to the moon and back … They’re celebrating Mardi Gras around the world … including New Orleans, where they’re marking the 160th anniversary of their first Carnival parade … The Cubs and White Sox tied in Arizona. The Bulls host the Nuggets tonight … It’s going to be rainy and stormy today and tonight, with high temperatures around 60.


Oscar’s Surprise Ending – News With Mary Dixon

Plot twist at the Oscars: “Moonlight” won Best Picture, after Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway initially gave the prize to “La La Land.” PriceWaterhouseCoopers is apologizing for giving them the wrong envelope. “Moonlight” is the first film with an all-black cast to win Best Picture. Best Supporting Actor Mahershala Ali is the first Muslim to win an acting Oscar. Co-writer Tarell Alvin McCraney, who adapted the screenplay from his play, is a member of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Ensemble … President Trump may release his budget proposal as soon as today. It reportedly includes big spending increases for the Pentagon, and deep cuts to the EPA and State Department. He’s looking for new nominees for Navy and Army secretaries; both candidates have dropped out over concerns about divesting their business interests … Police are investigating another act of vandalism at a Jewish cemetery, this time in Philadelphia. Thousands attended a vigil last night near Kansas City for an Indian man shot in a bar by someone who reportedly told him to ‘get out of my country’ before opening fire … Chicago police are investigating more than a dozen shootings from the weekend. At least four people have been killed … There’s an election tomorrow in Illinois – mostly for local office and some referenda. The Blackhawks beat the Blues … the Cubs and White Sox play today in Arizona … Sunny today; temperatures near 50.


Trump Administration To Crack Down On Pot – News With Mary Dixon

The White House is hinting that it will take aim at recreational marijuana laws in eight states and Washington DC. Spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters the Trump administration does not plan to continue the more permissive approach to pot used by the Obama White House … UPDATE: President Trump is blaming the FBI for failing to stop leaks to the media, which he’s Tweeting the Bureau should,”FIND NOW.” It follows reports that Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, asked the FBI to refute stories that top Trump associates had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence agents during the presidential campaign … Trump was tweeting again about shootings in Chicago – saying the city needs help. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson tells the Sun Times that the federal government has yet to respond to Mayor Emanuel’s request for support from Washington … Illinois” largest public employee union has authorized a strike. AFSCME leaders say it’s a sign that Governor Rauner should begin negotiations again; Rauner says the union needs to take his latest offer … The Blackhawks beat the Coyotes … the Bulls are sending Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott to Oklahoma … Rainy and mid-50s today; snow and cold in the forecast tonight and tomorrow.




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