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Mary Dixon is a Chicago native who had to take the long way home. Not long after her birth at Loretto Hospital on the West Side, Mary’s parents packed the family up for their ancestral home of Dixon, Illinois. It was there that she quit a career as a very bad waitress to begin spinning records and reading hog reports for WIXN Radio. [Read Mary’s Full Bio]


GOP Senators Tell Elizabeth Warren To Be Quiet – News With Mary Dixon

Republican senators rebuked Democrat Elizabeth Warren last night for trying to read Coretta Scott King’s criticism of attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions. Her 1986 letter stated that Sessions would be unfit for the federal bench because as US attorney he launched politically-motivated voting fraud prosecutions and was indifferent to criminal violations of civil rights laws. Senators are to vote on Sessions’ confirmation today … Governor Rauner says he’s hoping for big things from Trump’s newly confirmed education secretary Betsy DeVos … President Trump is singling out Chicago’s gun violence again. His adviser Kellyanne Conway tells the Sun Times he wants to discuss it with Mayor Emanuel before formally revealing how the president plans to help the city … A man is under arrest after attacking three students on the playground at a Gold Coast public school … Illinois senators are talking about lowering the sales tax – but imposing it on food and drugs as they work on a budget … New Orleans is cleaning up from a series of tornadoes that have caused a lot of damage in the Crescent City … The Bulls play tonight at Golden State. The Blackhawks are in Minnesota … There’s a chance of light snow all day and high temperatures in the upper-20s.


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Trump Travel Ban Appeal, Chicago Temple Attack – News With Mary Dixon

The Anti-Defamation League is offering a reward for information on the man who put up swastikas and smashed a window at the Chicago Loop Synagogue over the weekend. A former Catholic school in Jefferson Park was also recently tagged by anti-Semitic and racist graffiti … The Justice Department has until five o’clock to file an appeal to a federal judge’s hold on the Trump administration’s travel ban. Minnesota and Washington state, along with big tech companies like Google and Apple argue it unconstitutionally targets Muslim travelers and refugees … The Kremlin is demanding an apology from Fox News, for Bill O’Reilly calling President Putin a killer. President Trump’s response was that there are a lot of killers … The Cook County Jail reports more than 200 guards called in sick on Super Bowl Sunday … The Patriots came back to beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl’s first ever overtime … It’s going to be kind of warm and rainy today and tomorrow – before it gets wintry again on Wednesday.


WXRT circa 1994

25 Years With This Guy?

It should be noted that not every DJ will allow his colleagues to paint his face like Aladdin Sane, but Lin has become the big brother I never had and as such does pretty much what I tell him to do.


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Six More Weeks Of Winter? – News With Mary Dixon

The word from Gobbler’s Knob is that Punxsatawney Phil has seen his shadow – and that means six more weeks of winter … An Oak Lawn doctor is due to return this morning, after being detained at the Dubai airport because of the Trump travel ban. Doctor Amer al-Homssi was one of the first to sue over the restrictions. Another Chicago resident from Iran has won a similar battle … The White House is warning Iran about testing ballistic missiles … while President Trump reportedly has had testy phone calls with the leaders of Mexico and Australia … Chicago leaders are shrugging off an Ohio pastor’s suggestion that Trump sit down with gang leaders to discuss the city’s violent crimes … Officials at UC Berkeley say a small number of anarchists sparked fires and broke windows, as students protested an appearance by a caustic white nationalist writer … Two families are suing Lake Zurich High School over their sons’ allegations of hazing and bullying by football players … The Bulls won in Oklahoma City … It’ll be sunny and cold today, with high temperatures in the mid-20s.



Chicago Taxes Disposable Bags – News With Mary Dixon

Starting today, Chicago shoppers will pay 7-cents for plastic and paper bags at many stores, and Metra riders will pay more to board the commuter trains … President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, goes to Capitol Hill today. Democrats are expressing concerns about the federal judge’s record on women’s and workers’ rights … Nearly 1,000 State Department employees are protesting and lawsuits are being filed to challenge Trump’s immigration and refugee ban … while Mayor Emanuel hosted six undocumented teenagers at his home for dinner … At least 17 bomb threats were reported at Jewish centers around the US yesterday, including one in the north suburbs … The Army Corps of Engineers is being ordered to issue the easement necessary to finish construction of the Dakota Access pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation … The Blackhawks lost in San Jose … We have a chance of some light snow today and temperatures in the low-30s.


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Trump Sacks Defiant Acting AG – News With Mary Dixon

President Donald Trump has fired the acting attorney general after career prosecutor Sally Yates questioned the constitutionality of his refugee and immigration executive order, and refused to defend it in court … Senators in committee will vote today on Trump’s attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions and several other nominees. The president is expected to announce his Supreme Court pick tonight … The man accused of killing six Muslims worshipping in a Quebec City mosque is a French Canadian who’s expressed support for Trump and French right-wing politician Marine LePen … Open enrollment ends today for health insurance under Obamacare … The Boy Scouts of America are lifting their ban on transgender scouts … The Bulls and Blackhawks were off … the ‘Hawks hit the road and play in San Jose tonight … It’ll be blustery with scattered snow and rain showers through the day, and high temperatures in the upper-30s.



Trump Immigration Order Draws O’Hare Protests – News With Mary Dixon

Hundreds of protesters jammed O’Hare International’s Terminal 5 to denounce President Trump’s executive order banning people from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the US. Even Governor Rauner is questioning it; Mayor Emanuel, senators Durbin and […]


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Rahm To Trump: No Thanks – News With Mary Dixon

A mass shooting during a memorial observance in the Grand Crossing neighborhood has injured six people … while Chicago leaders reject the prospect of President Trump sending National Guard troops into the city and his order to withdraw federal funds from sanctuary cities … Trump insists that Mexico will pay for his border wall, but US taxpayers will foot the bill now … The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists will update its symbolic Doomsday Clock this morning … Investors are waiting to see what happens this morning on Wall Street, after the Dow broke the 20-thousand mark … The actress Mary Tyler Moore – who presented the light and dark faces of American housewives and of working women – has died at the age of 80 … The Bulls lost to the Hawks … The Williams sisters will play each other for the Australian Open title … Scattered light snow or rain are covering the Chicago area. We’ll have temperatures in the mid-30s.


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Trump Warns Chicago – News With Mary Dixon

President Trump claims if the city can’t fix the ‘horrible carnage’ of gun violence, he’ll send in the feds. Mayor Emanuel says they’ve talked about using federal money to hire more police and mentor young people … Trump today is expected to sign the executive order to begin building his border wall with Mexico at US taxpayer expense, and is reviewing a proposal to slash the number of immigrants entering the US from Muslim majority countries. Yesterday, he fast-tracked the construction of the Keystone and Dakota oil pipelines … UPDATE: This morning, the president of the United States is saying there will be an investigation into his unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud and depending on the results they will ‘strengthen up’ voting procedures. Also, he plans to name his Supreme Court nominee next Thursday. Governor Rauner is set to deliver his third State of the State address, while lawmakers try to salvage a budget agreement … The Bulls won in Orlando … the Blackhawks lost at home … Light rain and mid-40s today … light snow is coming late tonight.


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Why Your Salmon Dinner Costs More – News With Mary Dixon

The price of salmon is going up because of rising infestations of sea lice. Scientists say warmer water caused by climate change may be making it worse … President Trump is saying it again – that illegal immigrants robbed him of a popular vote victory, and again without any evidence to support it. This morning, he’s to meet with auto executives … Senators have confirmed Trump’s CIA Director, Mike Pompeo … The British Supreme Court has ruled that Parliament needs to vote on withdrawing from the European Union … A Chicago man is due to be sentenced for hacking into celebrities’ e-mails and stealing their information including nude photos … Chicago police are investigating 15 shootings overnight … and report that shootings are up so far in 2017 … The Bulls are in Orlando tonight, while the Blackhawks host the Lightning … It’ll be cloudy today with a high around 40.




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