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Mary Dixon

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Mary Dixon is a Chicago native who had to take the long way home. Not long after her birth at Loretto Hospital on the West Side, Mary’s parents packed the family up for their ancestral home of Dixon, Illinois. It was there that she quit a career as a very bad waitress to begin spinning records and reading hog reports for WIXN Radio. [Read Mary’s Full Bio]

Obama At U Of C Today – News With Mary Dixon

Former President Barack Obama is back in town. He’ll make his first official post-presidential appearance this morning at the University of Chicago, where he’ll talk with young people about civic engagement and community organizing … The Wheaton College community is in mourning, after a student was killed in a freak accident as he volunteered at a track meet … Congress returns to work after spring break. Members are facing a budget deadline Friday and President Trump’s expectations for progress on health care and tax reform, and money for a Mexican border wall .

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Blackhawks Swept – News With Mary Dixon

The Blackhawks season is over. They lost to the Predators, 4-1, and were swept out of the first round NHL playoffs for the first time since 1993. The Bulls will try to press their playoff advantage over the top-seeded Celtics tonight at the United Center … Another sign that the Illinois budget impasse is screwing up Illinois’ public universities: Standard and Poor’s has downgraded the credit ratings for six schools including the U of I, and put them all on “negative watch” … President Trump plans to sign three executive orders that may lead to looser regulations on financial firms. The IRS is about to start using private debt collectors to track down overdue tax payments. The New York Times reports consumer watchdogs are concerned they’ll target the most vulnerable taxpayers, and open them up to criminal copycats … The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on police officers in Paris. It comes just before Sunday’s presidential election … The state of Arkansas has executed a convicted murderer — the first allowed by courts before the state’s lethal injection drugs expire at the end of the month …
Cloudy and cooler today, with high temperatures in the low-50s and cooler by the lake.


It’s 4/20 – News With Mary Dixon

On this April 20th — 4/20 — people backing legalized marijuana use are planning smoke-ins around the country. (There are a number of stories about why 4/20 is a holiday for weed enthusiasts. Ask a friend.) In Washington, DC, demonstrators on Capitol Hill are reportedly going to try to hand out free joints to Congressmembers. Illinois lawmakers heard testimony on a proposal to legalize it here …A Cook County judge will rule next week on a Chicago Public Schools funding lawsuit against the State of Illinois … Governor Rauner is catching heat from reproductive rights advocates. He ran as a pro-choice candidate three years ago but is now promising to veto a measure that would keep abortion legal in Illinois if the Supreme Court overturns Roe-v-Wade. Chicago’s Cardinal Cupich praised Rauner’s veto plan … Two more courts have stayed two more executions in Arkansas … Secretary of State Tillerson says the Trump administration is conducting a thorough review of the deal to restrict Iran’s nuclear program … Russia is shutting down a UN Security Council condemnation of North Korea’s latest missile test … CBS News reports the CIA and FBI are investigating what may be the worst breach in CIA history. They’re looking for an insider who leaked information on tools used to spy on smartphones and tvs to Wikileaks … The Cubs came back to beat the Brewers … the White Sox lost in New York … and it’s do or die tonight for the Blackhawks in Nashville … There’s a chance of rain this morning. Otherwise, it’ll be breezy and near 70 degrees.


Former NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Dead In Prison – News With Mary Dixon

Prison officials in Massachusetts say the former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez has committed suicide in their custody. Hernandez was serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder. The Patriots are due at the White House today to celebrate their Super Bowl victory … The state of Illinois’ budget impasse is going on 22 months, and now it’s downgrading the credit of at least one public university. Moody’s has downgraded the rating for Northeastern Illinois in Chicago, and warns the rest that downgrades might be coming … Those US warships President Trump said were heading for the Korean peninsula, weren’t. Pentagon officials acknowledge miscommunications; the USS Carl Vinson was bound for joint exercises with the Australian Navy in the Indian Ocean … Democrat Jon Ossof has taken a historically conservative Georgia congressional special election to a runoff … Police in Fresno, California, say a gunman was targeting white people when he killed three men at random. The Ohio man who posted video of his murder of an elderly man on Facebook was spotted by police yesterday and killed himself … The Bulls, Cubs and White Sox all won. The Bulls are coming home with a 2-0 lead in the playoffs against the top-seeded Celtics … There’s a good chance of showers and thunderstorms today, with high temperatures in the low-60s before they drop to the 40s later this afternoon.


Tax Day 2017 – News With Mary Dixon

President Trump plans to be in Kenosha today, to sign an executive order changing the the temporary visa program used by companies to hire high-skilled foreign workers. The so-called Buy American and Hire American order will be signed at the Snap-On tool plant. It’s Tax Day, when a lot of us scramble to file our returns … or extensions. Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer says the president has not released his returns because of audits, and had no answer on whether they’d ever be released … Chicago firefighters are working to put out a big fire in a two-flat in the Albany Park neighborhood … Mayor Emanuel is not saying whether the city’s aviation police force should be disbanded, as he calls their dragging of a seated passenger on a United flight last week ‘unacceptable.’ … The US Supreme Court has stalled Arkansas officials’ drive to execute two murderers. Prison officials plan to execute eight men before their lethal injection drugs expire at the end of the month … North Korea’s deputy UN ambassador accuses the Trump administration of turning the Korean peninsula into the world’s biggest hotspot … British prime minister Theresa May is out with a shock reversal – and is calling for an early general election … The Blackhawks, Cubs and White Sox lost. What the heck is going on? Sunny, breezy and warmer today, with temperatures in the mid-70s this afternoon.


US Bombs ISIS In Afghanistan, Anticipates North Korean Nuke Test – News With Mary Dixon

Afghan officials say about three dozen Islamic State fighters have been killed by an 11-ton American bomb. The Massive Ordnance Air Blast is also known as the Mother of All Bombs … US intelligence officials think North Korea may conduct another nuclear test this weekend. It’s possible US forces would be ready to launch a pre-emptive strike … Chicago aldermen say city aviation officers shouldn’t be doing United Airlines’ dirty work. The lawyer for the Kentucky doctor dragged off a United flight at O’Hare says he’s recovering from a concussion, and a lawsuit is likely … A dozen teachers at the fancy Connecticut boarding school Choate-Rosemary Hall are accused of sexually assaulting students over several decades … NASA scientists think one of Saturn’s moons might support life … The Blackhawks lost to the Predators in their first game of the playoffs … the Cubs and White Sox won … There’s a chance of rain on this Good Friday, with temperatures ranging from the low-70s inland and low-50s by the lake.


All Apologies – News With Mary Dixon

Apologies in the news: United Airlines’ CEO is now apologizing and promising a policy review over that passenger being dragged off a full plane at O’Hare on Sunday. About two dozen people demonstrated at the airport last night, while lawmakers are talking about investigating the practices of Chicago-based United … White House spokesman Sean Spicer is apologizing for saying that Adolf Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons on his own people – he did – as Spicer talked to reporters about Syria’s Assad regime … Secretary of State Tillerson is talking with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov about scaling back their support for Assad … the Washington Post reports the FBI got a FISA warrant to monitor a former adviser to the Trump campaign. They suspected Carter Page was a Russian agent … Chicago police are investigating a shooting in the Old Town neighborhood that injured two boys and a man. They’re questioning someone in the murder of a Cook County judge near his South Side home … The founder of the J. Geils band has died. John Warren Geils was 71 … The White Sox lost in Cleveland. The Cubs get their World Series rings tonight before hosting the Dodgers and the Bulls end the regular season at home … It’ll be sunny today, with high temperatures around 60 and a bit cooler by the lake.


Not-So-Friendly Skies – News With Mary Dixon

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz says a review is underway; CNBC reports Munoz is telling employees they followed established procedures when city aviation officers dragged a man off an overbooked flight at O’Hare on Sunday. The man was a doctor who refused to give up his seat. One officer has been placed on leave … Chicago police are looking for the gunman who killed a Cook County judge outside his far South Side home yesterday morning … Police in San Bernardino, California say a man opened fire in an elementary school yesterday. He killed his estranged wife, a student and then himself … Secretary of State Tillerson is meeting with world leaders about the situation in Syria, and later today will discuss the Kremlin’s support of the Assad regime with Russia’s foreign minister. A senior US official says Russia must have known that chemical weapons attack in Syria was coming … The Cubs beat the Dodgers in an appropriately rain-delayed home opener celebrating their World Series championship … the Bulls beat the Magic … Foggy this morning, and then cloudy with high temperatures in the mid-50s.


US Strikes Syria – News With Mary Dixon

Syria’s government is condemning a US missile strike on an air base believed to be the launch point for a chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians. Russian leaders are demanding a UN Security Council meeting. President Trump authorized the strike from his Florida resort, where he’s meeting with China’s president Xi … The US Senate is expected to vote today to confirm Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, after Republicans changed the rules to shut down Democrats’ opposition … Twitter is suing the Trump administration, over its effort to unmask the identity of an anti-Trump account focusing on immigration and homeland security … Billionaire JB Pritzker has entered the Democratic race for Illinois governor … The Cubs won in Saint Louis, the White Sox won at home and the Bulls won in Philly … while the Blackhawks lost in Anaheim … It’ll be sunny and springy today, with temperatures in the mid-50s unless you’re near the chillier lake.


High Wind Warning Today – News With Mary Dixon

Surf’s up, dudes. High winds are stirring up big waves on the lake, knocking debris all over the roads, cancelling some flights at the airports, and cutting power to several thousand homes in Cook County this morning … Senate Republicans today may invoke the so-called nuclear option — it doesn’t involve bombs, it’s a rules change — that would allow them to get around a Democratic filibuster and confirm Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch … President Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon is no longer an official member of the National Security Council. Trump today meets with China’s President Xi, at the president’s private members-only resort in Florida … Turkish officials say autopsies confirm a chemical weapons attack in Syria, and that Syria’s Assad regime is to blame; Assad and his Russian allies deny it … The Tribune reports the Cubs’ Javy Baez will get an honorary street name designation in Humboldt Park next week … The Cubs and White Sox were rained out yesterday – and will try to get a game in today … There’s a high wind warning and a lakeshore flood warning – it’s going to be very gusty out there, with light rain and temperatures in the mid-40s.



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