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Nothing much survives from Brehmer’s high school years except rumor and innuendo. He distinguished himself as the starting pitcher for the varsity baseball team from 1969 to 1972. He also spent winters in a Kelly-green Speedo as a member of the McBurney swim team. All pictures were destroyed by the government. [Read Lin’s Full Bio]


Lin Brehmer Pays Tribute To Frank E. Lee

If you missed this morning’s farewell to Frank E. Lee on Lin’s Bin, you will have 2 more chances to hear it on the air. 3pm during Frank E. Lee’s final show and also in its regular evening slot at 6:15am. And if you wondered what the tribute looked like before the original script became Lin’s Bin, here it is.


Billy Crystal Signs His New Book "700 Sundays"

Lin Brehmer Eulogizes The Late Stan Freberg

Stan Freberg was a cartoon. Or the voice for many Warner Brothers cartoon characters. But his versatility included a stint as an adman which only enhanced his satire of the radio and TV commercialism of the ‘50’s and ‘60’s. His lampoons of the powerful television personality Arthur Godfrey and Ed Sullivan were not well received by the targets. His version of The Banana Boat Song was not embraced by Harry Belafonte. But Stan Freberg’s comedy albums and radio shows were the stuff of legend. For the last 40 years, WXRT listeners have been treated to his novelty tune, “Nuttin’ for Christmas.”


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Doug Sohn Of Hot Doug’s Chats Sausages, Pizza, And More With Lin Brehmer

Robert Plant, Mick Jagger, Bono, Bowie, Mellencamp, Emmylou Harris. I’ve interviewed them all. But the chance to sit down with the legendary Doug Sohn of Hot Doug’s was as cool as it gets. Doug dropped by 93XRT with his Atomic Pizza, which he designed for Piece, the New Haven pizza emporium on North Ave. just east of Damen. A portion from the sales of the Atomic Pizza go to To be polite, I tried a slice and then five more before we sat down in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Performance Stage to talk about really matters. Food. The future. And encased meats, my friend.


(Photo FRED TANNEAU/AFP/GettyImages)

Hump Day Unusual Moment: Sebastian Cabot “Like A Rolling Stone”

Sebastian Cabot became a television star as Mr. French, the butler in the TV series Family Affair. Remember when everyone growing up had a butler? Yeah, me neither. Mr. French took care Buffy and Jody […]


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Hump Day Unusual Moment: Leonard Nimoy “Highly Illogical”

“There’s a multi-legged creature crawling on your shoulder.” And then I would do the Vulcan nerve pinch on my brother David. He would know to collapse because our family watched the original Star Trek with […]


(Photo: Chris Cwiak/WXRT)

Hump Day Unusual Moment: Los Microwaves “Time to Get Up”

Los Microwaves, a trio from San Francisco, released only one album. I remember receiving it in 1981. I didn’t know much, but I knew it was unusual. “Time to Get Up.” Hump or Death. The […]


(Photo: Chicago Cubs)

Pitchers and Catchers and My Favorite Day [Listen]

“We are going to have a drink in every bar from Yak-Zies to Peterson Avenue.” How did I come to this dramatic announcement? It was September of 2010 and the Cubs were limping towards the […]


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Hump Day Unusual Moment: The Darryl Rhoades Orchestra “I Wanna Be Normal”

The Darryl Rhoades Orchestra combined top flight musicianship with a piquant potpourri of recorded oddities. The album Burgers From Heaven delighted me in 1979 with the self-evident “This Song is Boring” and “I’m in With […]


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Fifty Shades of Rock [Playlist]

Fifty Shades of Grey has attracted an audience that does not read movie reviews. Or just the slightest hint of the sting of love has filled movie theaters for the Valentine’s Day weekend. The Regular […]


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Lin’s Bin: Why Do Most Parents Take Little League More Seriously Than the Kids?

Lin, Why do most parents take Little League baseball more seriously than the kids? Lou Engleman I have a confession. I was a Little League coach. Early April in Chicago. The trees are barren. The […]