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Lin Brehmer is the indefatigable host of the XRT Morning Show. On the morning of Dec. 30th 1991, he placed a needle on the record, “This Must Be the Place” by Talking Heads to augur a new chapter in a radio career that began in 1977. He has anchored the XRT Morning Show ever since. His insouciant charm has inspired XRT News Anchor Mary Dixon to leave and come back and leave and come back and leave and come back. The two of them can be heard 5:30-10am Monday through Friday. [Read Lin’s Full Bio]

Lin’s Bin: Tanning

Maybe you remember teenage girls using Johnson’s baby oil in the hopes it would accelerate the tanning process.


Reasons to Celebrate the 36th Annual American Music Festival at Fitzgerald’s [Watch]

How do they fit all that music into such a small club? It’s not the size of the club; it’s the depth of their heart. And Fitzgerald’s has plenty of that.


Rock Stars as Role Models. [Read]

Let me start by saying the only thing more ridiculous than looking to professional athletes to be role models is looking to rock stars to be role models.


Chef Rick Bayless and Lin Talk Rockin’ Lobster Bash on XRT Morning Show [Listen]

Rick is among more than 30 chefs who will put their spin on lobster and other seafood dishes on August 30th at The Aragon.


Define The Greatest Song Ever Written. Lin’s Bin. [Watch]

You just have to understand that our favorite songs are victims of circumstance and just like morning DJ’s, they can be replaced.


Why Does Summer Pass So Quickly? Lin’s Bin [Read]

We attack summer like a starving man tears into a cheeseburger.


A Benefit Concert for Music Lovers: Hot Stove Cool Music

For months I have been fielding questions. Who’s playing? Who’s the surprise guest? Will Cubs be there? Will the World Series Trophy be there? Does Theo Epstein really play an instrument? Is Ryan Dempster as nice as he seems?


Michael McDermott and Heather Horton Cover Bob Dylan [Listen]

The musical partnership of Michael McDermott and Heather Horton was forged in a creative fire that preceded their marriage.


Lin Brehmer’s 10 Favorite Bob Dylan Covers

He is arguably the greatest lyricist of the rock and roll generations and many of his songs received a better reception when they were done by other people.


Lin’s Bin: Chocolate Too Chocolaty? [Read]

Can a drink be, in fact, too chocolaty? This question has philosophical antecedents in the study of aesthetics, religious mysticism, and the proper ordering of milkshakes.



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