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Frank E. Lee

Monday – Friday: 1-5pm
Host: Vinyl Frontier, Sunday Night Concert

Frank E. Lee was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. His education in the Chicago Southwest Christian School system left him ill-prepared for a career as a rock superstar, so he turned to the radio. [Read Frank's Full Bio]

Photo by Frank E. Lee

The National’s Second Night In Second City

After the DJ pointed out that, according to the traditional lore of the theater, the second performance of a four night stand was the magic show, the National proved that was indeed the case. Perhaps [...]


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5 Fictional Spaceships

The scenes of future history are filled with fanciful machines, but the most imaginative ones are those designed to leave the “surly bonds of Earth”. These conveyances often reflect the technology of the day in [...]


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The Wild Blue Yonder

The story of lost travelers is a tale that has resonated through history, be it one set on foot, on the sea or in the air. It goes to the core of the human experience [...]


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Jesse Winchester RIP

Jesse Winchester was an expatriate from Louisiana who fled to Canada to avoid the Vietnam War draft. He was a brilliant and powerful singer who wrote deceptively mellow and understated tunes that were recorded more [...]


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Heaven’s Finest Rock

I never met Jennifer Lynn Terrell and everything I know about her was what I read in this morning’s Sun Times death notice section. Usually these are just a paragraph or two listing names and [...]


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Bom Marley At The Quiet Knight

For about ten years beginning in 1969, the corner of Belmont and Sheffield was one of the key pieces of musical geography in the entire world. Climb the stairs to the second floor and you [...]


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Return To Avalon

It’s hard to believe, but the last Roxy Music studio album came out in 1982. They’ve done some reunion tours and have come close to going back to the mixing board since, but Avalon was [...]


Photo by Frank E. Lee

There Was Grass Under There?

One of the good things about a long winter is the fact that the lawn stays dormant longer. But all good things must come to an end, and soon, the blades must feel the blade. [...]


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Poetry That Rocks

April is the cruelest month said master poet T.S. Eliot and no one would argue with that today after the lingering Midwestern winter of 2014. It is also poetry month, a time to honor the [...]


Album cover Photo by Frank E. Lee

Another Stay At The Mars Hotel

It’s not as famous as California or Heartbreak or even Morrison, but this 1974 effort from the Grateful Dead was a solid effort from the band and arguably, the last great record of their classic [...]