Chris Cwiak

XRT Morning Show Producer

Chris grew up musically precocious, able to name off each individual singer as they took their turn in USA for Africa’s “We Are the World” at the tender age of five. He still owns that 45 to this day, even though it is unplayable through the wear of his former Fisher-Price turntable. There are many records that he grew up with which he still owns, including a rare flexi-disc distributed by Kentucky Fried Chicken that features Walter Payton singing the song that would make everyone forget about his football playing days, “Doin’ It Right”…. [Read Chris’ Full Bio]

Len & Lee: Sweep Start to Second Half [Listen]

“Jose Quintana’s Cubs debut: 12 strikeouts, no walks, just scattered three hits over seven innings; it’s kinda how you would dial it up coming out of the break.”


Len & Lee: Quintana’s Way Up [Listen]

“No question this is the kind of trade the Cubs would have made. from the White Sox perspective, about three years ago.”


Len & Lin: All Stars Taking An OFFICIAL Break [Listen]

“So besides, defense, starting pitching and hitting in the clutch, things are okay.”


Len & Lin: Brewers Hand Cubs A Cold One [Listen]

“There’s a silver lining in baseball, and the one for yesterday is that we play again today.”


Len & Lin: Cubs Could Be at Crossroads [Listen]

“Jim Deshaies at the end of the rally in the 9th inning said, ‘unbelievable… or believable!”


Len & Lin: Addison Added to List of Walking Wounded [Listen]

“In a weird way, you almost want the injury to explain the problem because if there’s not an injury, it’s a head scratcher.”


Len & Lin: Bombing Schwarber Sent Down to Sort It Out [Listen]

“Theo Epstein said yesterday that [Schwarber] is a hitter, not a slugger, and he’s kinda become a slugger.”


Len & Lin: Rizzo a Tony Leadoff Hitter [Listen]

“I have no problem with [Rizzo] being the first batter an opposing pitcher sees, and he’s in the best stretch of his life and that’s saying something.”


Len & Lin: Cubs Playing Whack-A-Mole with Issues [Listen]

“The ones where you lead in the middle of a game; it feels like you can chalk it up to a win, and all of a sudden, you give it up late. It’s never easy; nobody said it would be.”


Len & Lin: Streaky Cubs Hit the Road [Listen]

“There are no must-wins at this point in the season, but kinda felt like they needed that one yesterday.”



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