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Hump Day Unusual Moment: Sebastian Cabot “Like A Rolling Stone”

Sebastian Cabot became a television star as Mr. French, the butler in the TV series Family Affair. Remember when everyone growing...

Morning Show Updates
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Chuy Garcia Discusses Chicago Mayoral Race (And Bob Marley) With XRT

For the first time in 20 years, Chicago voters will decide a mayoral runoff on April 7th. We wanted XRT listeners to hear from the candidates themselves – what is their vision for our city?

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Hump Day Unusual Moment: Leonard Nimoy “Highly Illogical”

“There’s a multi-legged creature crawling on your shoulder.” And then I would do the Vulcan nerve pinch on my brother David. He would know to collapse because our family watched the original Star Trek with […]


Mary Dixon’s 2015 Chicago Election Wrap

Do you know the last time Chicago had a mayoral runoff election? Never, not since they re-wrote the rules 20 years ago. Mayor Richard M. Daley never went to the next round, and neither did […]

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Hump Day Unusual Moment: Los Microwaves “Time to Get Up”

Los Microwaves, a trio from San Francisco, released only one album. I remember receiving it in 1981. I didn’t know much, but I knew it was unusual. “Time to Get Up.” Hump or Death. The […]

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It’s Election Day In Chicago!

The polls are open around Chicago. Voters are to decide whether Rahm Emanuel will be re-elected as mayor, or if Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia, Alderman Bob Fioretti, businessman Willie Wilson, or community activist Dock […]

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The Regular Guy Joins the ‘XRT Morning Show for His Oscar Recap [Listen]

The Regular Guy made a special post-Oscars appearance alongside Lin Brehmer this morning to give us his take on last night’s Academy Awards show results. He was surprised about a few people and pictures that […]

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Pitchers and Catchers and My Favorite Day [Listen]

“We are going to have a drink in every bar from Yak-Zies to Peterson Avenue.” How did I come to this dramatic announcement? It was September of 2010 and the Cubs were limping towards the […]