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Coming This Weekend: Open House Chicago

In a city brimming with architectural beauty on full display, what possible treasures lie beneath the surface, out of sight from the general public? The Chicago Architecture Foundation is bringing us the 3rd annual Open […]


Détente: Sox fan and Cub fan. Billy Lombardo, author of The Man With Two Arms, and me. (Photo: Lin Brehmer)

The Sox, The Cubs, And Little League

Last night I attended a gathering of literate baseball nerds at Tony Fitzpatrick and Stan Klein’s Firecat Gallery in Wicker Park. The event was framed by an exhibit of baseball art. I loved Margie Lawrence’s paintings especially one of Ernie Banks and Ron Santo. It was hosted by the Editor and Publisher of Bard Ball, James Finn Garner, who welcomed some of Chicago’s best writers of baseball poetry and fiction. Novelist and poet Billy Lombardo told a poignant and funny story about The Sox winning it all in 2005. The story revolved around how his experience was shaped by sharing it with a young son. Tom Wolfe (the legendary Skip Castro to XRT listeners) read from his great uncle’s alleged 1930’s ‘diary’ in which his uncle’s attempt to make it as a writer was derailed by the distractions of The Yankees, The Brooklyn Dodgers, and The New York Giants. And my old friend Don Evans shared his essay about his Cub fan father’s dying last request.


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Hump Day Unusual Moment: Jefferson Airplane “Thunk”

The 1971 Bark album from Jefferson Airplane has never been considered the peak of their career. It followed the bitter departure of singer Marty Balin and it was the first on the Airplane’s own record […]


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Long Time with Kyle Long: Soldier Field South [Listen]

Yesterday’s Bears game saw a huge influx of Bears fans in Atlanta as the Bears enjoyed a nice team win. Willie Young got to go fishing and Jared Allen tallied his first sack as a […]


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Lin Brehmer’s Late Night Dining Guide

How does someone who wakes up every weekday morning at 4am find himself looking for dinner after 10pm? I blame rock music. Rock concert first. Dinner second.


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The Lin Brehmer Farewell To Reality Week Continues

As I was about to go to sleep, I received a fraud alert on my phone. Someone in New Jersey was using my credit card number. So I went back downstairs.and spent the requisite 30 minutes canceling my credit card and arranging for a new one. Then I wrote down all the automatic bill payments that card affected. I went back upstairs. Put my head on the pillow and passed out. Except I had not set any of my alarms. Phones off, I slept until 6:20 when my neighbor Jimmy got in my house to wake me up. Angel Mary Dixon had located him and told him I was M.I.A. It’s bad enough to oversleep by about 90 minutes, but then one is faced by ordinary rush hour traffic. I don’t know how people do that every day. The Lin Brehmer Farewell to Reality Week continues.


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Hump Day Unusual Moment: Pasquale & The Lunar-Tiks “Moon Madness”

Since your time today would be best spent comparing pictures of the Blood Moon, we have provided you with the soundtrack for your moonage daydream. This week The traditional Hump Day Unusual Moment invokes the […]


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Car Trouble, Lin Brehmer Style

What have I been up to? Well, this morning I went out to start my wife’s car. It’s the only one we have at this moment. Put the key in the ignition, pushed down the clutch, turned the key…..and nothing. Checked the lights. Battery’s fine. Kept trying. No sound. No nothing. I host a morning radio show so it’s hard to disguise a late arrival. Not impossible, mind you. So on to plan B. Called a cab. 15 minutes later cab picked me up and took me downtown. A work-anxiety nightmare come to life. When my wife woke up, she called AAA to get a tow to our friends at HAAS. She tried to see if the car would turn over. It wouldn’t. Before hooking the car up, AAA tried to start it. No go. Just won’t start. Car was towed. I decide to rent a car for the next day or so to avoid a succession of 40 dollar cab rides. My wife gets a call from auto repair. They have diagnosed the problem. What’s your guess? Solenoid problem? Starter shot? Battery strong enough for lights but not to turn over the engine. Wrong. The recently shampooed carpet mat had bunched up under the clutch pedal. So when the clutch could not be fully depressed, the car wouldn’t start.



The Blood Moon Is Coming!

You might want to set your alarm a bit earlier tomorrow morning. The second blood moon of the year will be visible early tomorrow, with a full lunar eclipse. That’s when the earth comes between […]



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