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The Great Mall in the Sky: A Requiem for the Shopping Mall [Watch]

With the arrival of the holiday season (finally!), comes the obligatory holiday shopping season (web posting). In the news recently was the announcement that the Lincoln Mall in south suburban Matteson would be closing following […]



Weekend Action With Friday Night Concerts & THE DUDE @ The Music Box

Gonna be a cold one this weekend, but no worries.  We can handle it.  Friday night shows at a couple of the coziest spots in town make my weekend to-do list and who can resist […]


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Hump Day Unusual Moment: Dillard Hartford Dillard “Two Hits & the Joint Turned Brown”

Maybe you’ve started worrying about your orbital frontal cortex. This morning, Mary Dixon reported that pot smoking can shrink a section of your brain. Here’s the good news: if you’re stoned, you probably didn’t realize […]


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Bears Slaughter Rule: A Playlist [Listen]

What can you say? The Packers scored 42 points in the first half. Rodgers threw 6 (can that be right?) touchdown passes. The Bears are 3-6. The Bears have skidded to the bottom. And so […]


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5 Bob Dylan Tunes You Might Have Missed

The “song and dance” man (as he once identified himself) is back in town for 3 XRT shows this Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the Cadillac Palace Theater downtown. His repertoire is long and deep […]


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Lin Brehmer’s Drummer Jokes [Watch]

When my son was a toddler, he wanted to be a drummer. Now I’ve got nothing against drummers, but my years in the music business taught me something. Drummers always get the shaft. They blow […]



Capital Cities, Sun Kil Moon, and Bob Dylan Do Chicago This Weekend

Concerts, concerts, and more concerts for you this weekend!  Lots of live music to take your mind off of what many see is the inevitable beating that the Bears will take at Lambeau on Sunday […]


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Hump Day Unusual Moment: Richard Cheese “Fight for Your Right”

A piquant selection from Richard Cheese and Lounge Against The Machine will satisfy this week’s need for the traditional Hump Day Unusual Moment. With the midterm elections still as fresh in our minds as a […]


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Lin Brehmer’s Halloween 2014 Diary [Listen]

“Hold still,” she scolded. Mary Dixon was doing what she does second best. Face painting. The XRT Morning Show had yielded to her grand scheme to tie our Halloween to The Museum of Contemporary Art’s […]



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