New Music Thursday: Cullen Omori - "Cinnamon" [Watch]
THE BIG BEAT: February 1, 2016 [Listen]23 brand new tracks that are worthy of your attention. Sample every single one of 'em right here.
New Music Thursday: Underworld - "I Exhale" [Watch]Need an 8-minute jam for your next workout? Look no further than the new material from Underworld.
New Music Thursday: Yeasayer - "I Am Chemistry"Yeasayer recently shared an animated video for their brand new track "I Am Chemistry" and it's not the "hard-working band on the road" kind of video either.
THE BIG BEAT: January 18, 2016 [Listen]Yeah, that's Charles Bradley right there. Hear him like you never have before as a he puts his own spin on a Black Sabbath classic. And what's that? You're not yet familiar with Hinds, Teleman, and Tycho? Well, that's what this show is about. Turning you onto the new jams...
THE BIG BEAT: January 11, 2016 [Listen]If you crave the newest of the new and trying to impress friends/co-workers with the new tunes that you're into, then this is a good place to come every week to see if we have anything that works for you...
Urban Rat Hunting in NYC [Watch]I've never seen a rat in my alley (fingers always crossed) thanks to the three or four cats that patrol the area, but not everyone is so lucky. See what these New Yorkers do to combat the rat problem in their town.
THE BIG BEAT: The Best of 2015 (January 4, 2016) [Listen]Two hours isn't enough to get to all of the best records of 2015, so that's kinda why we started last week with "the second best of 2015." As always, sample every track played on the show and go home with a few new titles for your next personal playlist...
A Few Records to Look Forward to in Early '16A few albums from trusted names await in the next couple of months. Sample 'em right here, kids.
THE BIG BEAT: The Second Best of 2015 (December 28, 2015) [Listen]We couldn't fit the best songs of the year into one show, so we split it up over two. Here's the first installment...
PJ Harvey to Release Album This Spring, Shares 'Album Film' Clip [Watch]Polly Jean Harvey will be back with new music in the spring and the first taste is quite delicious.
2015 In Review: 15 Of My Favorite Songs Of The Year [Playlist]2015 proved once again to be an incredible year for music. From established artists like Beck and Death Cab releasing new music to Leon Bridges bringing back memories of Otis, this year provided such a wide spectrum of great tunes.

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