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Los Lobos XRT Opening Day LIve Broadcast (photo: Zack Nechvatal)

Billy Corgan, Los Lobos & Hundreds Of XRT Listeners Celebrate Opening Day In Wrigleyville

After Lin and Mary started the day off in high spirits at Yak-Zie’s with Jeff Garlin on the guest mic, Teri Hemmert gracefully took over the celebration of Cubs Opening Day. After hearing a small […]



Jeff Garlin Graces Wrigleyville On Cubs Opening Day

Walking into Yak-Zies on Clark Street at 8:15am, I feared for a moment I took a wrong turn and ended up at Holy Name Cathedral. Nope, the stunned silence inhabiting the bar was that of […]


Jeff Tweedy with Lin Brehmer (photo: WXRT)

10 Memorable 93XRT Opening Day Live Broadcasts

The 93XRT Coors Light Opening Day Broadcast is a celebration with 20+ years of history.

The word “memorable” is used under advisement since there has been a lot of beer under the bridge since we started putting these parties together. Terri Hemmert, Mary Dixon and I host an unprecedented 7 hour live broadcast at Yak-zies on Clark Street. 3 or 4 Live Bands, The Regular Guy, a few special guests and rabid, diehard Cub fans. Yes. It is fun. You are all invited this Friday. (21+)


Brehmer & Billy (photo by: Zack Nechvatal / WXRT)

See Billy Corgan At Opening Day This Friday – New Smashing Pumpkins Albums (Plural!) Coming Soon [Listen]

Corgan will join us at Yak-Zies Bar and Grill this Friday for the XRT Coors Light Opening Day Broadcast. He is our Official Cubs Corespondent after all. Make sure you’re listening live — or better yet, join us in Wrigleyville!


(Photo credit: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Hump Day Unusual Moment: “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” On Bagpipes

For suffering baseball fans we prescribe a kind of shock treatment. The traditional Wednesday Hump Day Unusual Moment this week will shake you from whatever torpor you conjure to survive the baseball season. It is […]