The Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All TimeFor some, the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. Thanks to YouTube, you're often able to get a sneak peek at some of them before the game on Sunday. That's no fun though!
PSA: A New NFL Bad Lip Reading Video Is Out NowThe NFL Bad Lip Reading video has become a yearly tradition in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. Showing NFL players, coaches, and referees uttering nonsensical phrases, the video makes no sense at all. That part, is what makes it fantastic.
Lin Brehmer Talks with Kerry Wood Ahead of Woody's Winter Warm Up [Listen]To kickoff this weekend's Cubs Convention, Kerry Wood and his Wood Family Foundation will be hosting a party for Woody's Winter Warm Up at Harry Caray's 7th Inning Stretch and Sports Museum inside Water Tower Place. Several ex-Cubs and Hall of Famers will be there to bartend and meet and greet fans. All proceeds benefit the Wood Family Foundation, as they support the growth and development of youth in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood with afterschool and summertime mentoring program.
Two Minute Drill: Tampa Held at Bay [Listen]The Bears eked out a win against former coach Lovie Smith's Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday. Marc Mariani had a key catch in the game, and has been a key catch for the XRT morning show this season. Always the team player, he managed to get up bright & early to join you on your morning commute after an afternoon of punishing hits by guys the size of the car in the lane next to you. A big thank you to the guy from big sky country on behalf of the team at WXRT.
Two Minute Drill: Some Uncomfortable Television [Listen]There was some uncomfortable television on for most of the day yesterday. Some otherwise seasoned veterans made some gaffes that made them look like rookies. It was obvious who won and who lost & yet there were no doubt those out there who thought the Bears had a shot at winning a playoff berth. Those hopes were dashed in Minnesota as the Bears were mathematically eliminated from contention. Turns out they are who we thought they were. Crown 'em.
Two Minute Drill: Gould-hog Day [Listen]
Two Minute Drill: Gould Gets Panned Against San Francisco [Listen]
The Two Minute Drill: Bears Spoil Favre's Homecoming [Listen]
The Two Minute Drill: Mariani Goes Into the Great Wide Open [Listen]The Bears were knocking at the door for much of the game against Coach John Fox's old team, the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, they couldn't bust the door down and score a crucial touchdown or two-point conversion in crunch time. Marc Mariani was left uncovered in the end zone by Denver's top-ranked defense on a play that could have shifted the outcome in the Bears favor, but Cutler's attention shifted when he was flushed from the pocket. The Bears now head into a short week ahead of a Thanksgiving match up in Green Bay. We'll talk to Marc Mariani next Monday at 8:15am after the holiday weekend.
The Two Minute Drill with Marc Mariani: Soldier Field South Erupts for Victorious Bears [Listen]
Jimmy Butler Has An Insane 6,000 Pound Boombox Shaped Fish Tank [Watch]Bulls guard Jimmy Butler was awarded with a five year $95 million contract extension over the summer. He decided to have a bit of fun with his money. Who can blame him?
The Original San Jose Sharks Hype Video Is The Most 90's Thing EverIf you're ever asked by someone to describe the 90's, simply show them this video.

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