The Two Minute Drill: Mariani Goes Into the Great Wide Open [Listen]The Bears were knocking at the door for much of the game against Coach John Fox's old team, the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, they couldn't bust the door down and score a crucial touchdown or two-point conversion in crunch time. Marc Mariani was left uncovered in the end zone by Denver's top-ranked defense on a play that could have shifted the outcome in the Bears favor, but Cutler's attention shifted when he was flushed from the pocket. The Bears now head into a short week ahead of a Thanksgiving match up in Green Bay. We'll talk to Marc Mariani next Monday at 8:15am after the holiday weekend.
The Two Minute Drill with Marc Mariani: Soldier Field South Erupts for Victorious Bears [Listen]
Jimmy Butler Has An Insane 6,000 Pound Boombox Shaped Fish Tank [Watch]Bulls guard Jimmy Butler was awarded with a five year $95 million contract extension over the summer. He decided to have a bit of fun with his money. Who can blame him?
The Original San Jose Sharks Hype Video Is The Most 90's Thing EverIf you're ever asked by someone to describe the 90's, simply show them this video.
The Two Minute Drill: A Tough Loss Makes Bears Tougher [Listen]
Last Night's World Series Game Was InsaneWho said baseball was boring?
Bulls Fans Prefer U2, See Which Musical Artists Are Favorites Of Other NBA FanbasesThe NBA season tips off tonight and the Bulls will be celebrating their 50th anniversary. It'd be easy to take us all for huge Alan Parsons Project fans as their song "Sirius" is a staple during lineup introductions, but it turns out, Bulls fans favorites are a group of Irish guys.
Kris Bryant Wins The NL Rookie Of The Year Award!Although he didn't make the team out of spring training, the wait was definitely worth it!
5 Of The Best Moments From A Memorable Cubs SeasonEven though their season didn't end as many had hoped, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone that won't call this Cubs season a success. There are many moments you can pick out that were important to the team's success. Whether they were singular moments such as Addison Russell's amazing defense or walk-off home runs, to representative moments such as Kris Bryant being called up, Cubs fans have plenty to pick from.
Len & Lin: An Appreciation of the Present While Anticipating the Future [Listen]
The Two Minute Drill: Lions Win First Game of Year Against Bears [Listen]The Bears had the Lions dead to rights in Detroit, but after allowing them to hang around (with a little help from some friendly neighborhood refs), the Lions got their first win of the season again. Two Minute Drill star Marc Mariani almost broke one for a touchdown as special teams played well. The Bears'll take this week off as will Marc, but they'll return again Monday, November 2nd for another edition of the Two Minute Drill.
Len & Lin: Good Pitching Beating Good Hitting [Listen] Podcasts
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