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Lin’s Bin: Why Do Most Parents Take Little League More Seriously Than the Kids?

Lin, Why do most parents take Little League baseball more seriously than the kids? Lou Engleman I have a confession. I was a Little League coach. Early April in Chicago. The trees are barren. The […]


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The First Blizzard of 2015

The TV told me not to leave the house. Too late. My wife, her visiting, snowed-in sister and I had already been out 3 times shoveling to keep up with the snow. The radio suggested […]


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Really Big Games

While we watch the gridiron finale this Sunday from the food laden comfort of our TV viewing area, let’s consider some fantasy contests where the stakes were much higher than a trophy and a big […]


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What is Internet? [Watch]

You may have heard about some kind of sports event that will occur this Sunday. Some of us have a rooting interest, but most of us are watching for either gambling purposes or to be […]


(Photo: WXRT archive)

Hump Day Unusual Moment: Lenny Randle “I’m a Ballplayer” [Listen]

An XRT alum posts a picture of the XRT Softball Team in 1980 with Ernie Banks at Thillens Stadium. And there’s a lesser known ballplayer in the pic. Someone says that’s Lenny Randle of the […]



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