Two Minute Drill: Another Rookie QB, Same Result [Listen]"Once you start winning, that can be contagious, just like losing, so we gotta get our first win; the first win is always the hardest. Once we get that feeling, I think that we can start taking off here."
Len & Lin: Bittersweet Day for Baseball [Listen]"I was at the game with my wife and she noted that it was an ESPN national game, she said, 'this isn't ESPN, this is the Hallmark Channel."
Two Minute Drill: ...And There Wentz the Bears Home Opener [Listen]"I think he's a great young quarterback, he kept his composure, he's one of those guys who knows how to handle the ball well, knows the right spot to throw the ball against the certain coverages we were in, he's really calm at the line checking into plays."
Len & Lin: Keep Calm and Cub On [Listen]"Where's the mojo gone? Do they still have the mojo? Do we have to worry about the Cubs mojo as they have this down period between clinching the division and celebrating on Friday and then actually GOING to the postseason which seems like an eternity away? Where is the mojo? What happened to the mojo?"
Len & Lin Present Your 2016 NL Central Division Champion Chicago Cubs [Listen]"I do believe Monday that I predicted this, didn't I? Yep, well, thanks for remembering."
The Two Minute Drill: The XRT Morning Show Welcomes Chicago Bear Mitch Unrein [Listen]"I hang my hat on my ability to do different things on the field. Luckily, in my time in the NFL, they let me have an opportunity to play some offense and I did have the opportunity to catch a touchdown pass from Peyton Manning, which any big guy playing defensive line never thinks he'll have the opportunity to do something like that, but it's all about opportunities and making the most of them."
Len & Lin: Cubs in Five [Listen]"What a long, strange, wonderful trip it's been so far and you just felt it all weekend long; expectations sky-high for your 2016 Chicago Cubs."
Len & Lin: Cubs Elite as Magic Number is Eight [Listen]"It's really rarified air that we have the luxury of saying that the Cubs are going to the playoffs, there's no 'they're never going to make the playoffs' angst at this point in the season, and it's a strange feeling for a Cub fan to have."
Len & Lee: Cubs Closer to Clinching Beyond Cheddar Curtain [Listen]"The good thing is, while you're going to give a lot of guys some rest, there's so much depth that you still feel like you can win."
Len & Lin: Addison Russell Should Have a Street Named For Him [Listen]"I'm gonna do my intro today on channel nine just in that voice."
YouTube Hall of Fame: Ric Flair. WOOOOO!!!! [Watch]If you're someone that appreciates a well-executed wrestling promo, then Ric Flair's YouTube clips are a goldmine.
Len & Lin: Cubs Fall Prey to Heightened Expectations [Listen]"Five and four road trip, in years past, you'd jump for joy for that, but these days you go 'hey, they lost two series out of three on the trip' and you somehow feel disappointed, it's weird."

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