Lin's 25th Anniversary Encore: Len & Lin [Listen]"I told Theo before the season that this was going to be a special year: Lin Brehmer's 25 years on XRT, so we'd better win a championship."
Lin's 25th Anniversary Encore: Bob Verdi [Listen]Bob Verdi hosted a segment on 93XRT called Athletes Feats with Terri Hemmert in the 1980’s and with me in the 90’s.
Kerry Wood Talks World Series [Listen]"I just think TV builds the drama on [World Series games] a little bit better with the replays and constant commentary on it; when you're there in person, I was watching from a player's standpoint in trying to figure out who they had left in their pen, who we had coming up and who they had coming up."
2 Minute Drill: No Warmth Without Some Coal [Listen]"Hopefully I'll be back next year. Anything can happen, as they say, but I am under contract so I'm looking forward to coming back next year."
No More Wait 'Til Next Year: The 2016 Chicago Cubs Season In Song
Two Minute Drill: Close, but No Cheese [Listen]"It's pretty cool to say that you've played in a top-5 coldest game ever at Soldier Field, but I wish it woulda been a little colder and then it would've been the coldest game ever, because cold is cold at that point, it doesn't get any worse when you're in the single digits."
Cubs WSCR Play-By-Play Man Pat Hughes Joins Lin & Mary to Talk Championship CD [Listen]"I think the memories are multi-faceted: they're memories of your favorite players; your favorite teams; your favorite ballgames; but really, they are a memory of you, yourself and where you may have been at a particular time and I think that might be the most special memory of all."
2 Minute Drill: Lions & Bears & Zebras, Oh My! [Listen]"It takes about two guys to help us put our pads on because our jerseys are so tight, they smash your pads down, they have to pull your jersey down; you're suction-cupped into those pads that's for sure, because you want the least amount of cloth showing as area for them to grab onto."
Two Minute Drill: A Winter Wonder [Listen]"I felt a little rusty at first 'cause it's been about a month since I played my last game right before the bye week, but kinda settled in towards the end of the game and felt more and more comfortable. It felt really good to get back out there; my back held up great, just a little sore and tight this morning, but overall felt really good."
Two Minute Drill: Wide Droppers Have Statement Game [Listen]"I didn't know there was ten drops in the game, so that's pretty crazy."
Two Minute Drill: Pat O'Donnell's Career Day [Listen]"They gave me three epidural steroid shots in my back and that calmed it down, believe it or not."
Two Minute Drill: More Bye Week Blunders [Listen]"It was not very entertaining to watch, that's for sure."

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