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Len & Lin: Dissecting Trade Rumors & Crosstown Cup [Listen]"Theo Epstein and his group do their due diligence; character matters, so I'm sure they've done their research and are convinced that [Aroldis Chapman'll] be a positive influence in the clubhouse and be a contributor."
Len & Lennartz: Meatloaf and Potato Chips [Listen]"You really don't want to overpay for a relief pitcher; remember a former administration trading a very young pitcher by the name of Jon Garland to the White Sox for Matt Karchner."
Len & Lennartz: Cubs Run Through Rangers to Begin Tough 2nd Half [Listen]"JD had probably the best start of his career his rookie year, striking out the first 8 Dodgers. You're thinking he gave up a hit to the pitcher; it wasn't! They actually pinch hit for the pitcher because it was a spot start & [induced] a pop out to second base."
Len & Lee: The Second Half Starter [Listen]"It was nice to kinda get away and just be a normal member of society without having to travel all over the country and just kinda kick my feet up a little bit, spending as much time as possible at home. I'm refreshed and ready to get back to the ballpark; there's nothing like a Friday matinee at Wrigley Field."
Len & Lin: Cubs Wind Up First Half on Up Note [Listen]"It's almost unfair, but this is the situation he has created by being the Cy Young Award winner and putting that historic run, is that you need him to be dominating and you need to be able to count on him every 5 days to win."
Len & Lin: The Doctor is Out for the Cubs [Listen]"Remember how we said the thing the Cubs most needed was a series against the Cincinnati Reds and a makeup game with the Atlanta Braves? That's baseball, folks: you count on something and you're not counting on it."
Len & Lin: Cubs Avoid Outfield Catastrophe, Get Rx Courtesy of Reds [Listen]"For the Chicago Cubs it's like they went to their general practitioner and he says, ya know what, I'm going to give you a 3-day script for the Cincinnati Reds and that should cure most of whats ailing ya."
Len & Lin: Cubs Drop Another One-Run Ballgame [Listen]"That was a tough one last night, but you win as a team and you lose as a team."
Watch Tony Hawk Nail a 900 at the Age of 48If you're ever trying to solve a problem and you're beginning to get discouraged and feeling like quitting, think of 48-year-old Tony Hawk bashing his head off of the half-pipe multiple times but still carrying on...
I Can't Stop Watching the O.J. Simpson '30 for 30' DocumentaryI planned to check it out for a little bit and if it wasn't grabbing me, I had no reservations about dumping it and moving on to another show, or God forbid, using my time more effectively, but a funny thing happened. I couldn't turn it off.
Len & Lin: The Cubs Have Themselves A Weekend [Listen]"That was a weekend, starting with the great win on Friday, then Hot Stove Cool Music with Liz Phair and Eddie Vedder, and then David Ross had the game of his life Saturday night, and then Willson Contreras on the first pitch of his career last night; yeah, I would say it was a pretty good weekend and the Cubs passed all the tests."
Len & Lin: Warming Up for Hot Stove Cool Music Tonight [Listen]"There are two people getting together who are contemporaries, who ended up reminiscing for much of the night during rehearsal and to have these two guys together on stage... they've toured together, but they've never played together and it just works."

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