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What an Ice-Free Planet Would Look Like

With temperatures rising and ice caps melting, many of us are familiar with the plight of Maldives, a country that stands at just a few feet above sea level.  With ocean levels rising and land […]



Cold Weather Biking Tips

It’s the best, it really is.  With a bit of a cold snap on the menu this week in Chicago, it’s time for me to dig up some of the cold weather gear and I […]



Rest In Peace, Blue Beauty

My four and a half year love affair with my main ride ended yesterday when a crack developed in the frame just above the bottom bracket.  Loud creaks that coincide with forceful pedaling is a […]



Prius Route to Rock, Vol. 76: No Age, The Psychedelic Furs, Open Streets Chicago

The post-Labor Day busy season is upon us.  You know what I mean, right?  In July and August, people are out of town, doing the vacation thing with kids, not a whole lot is going […]


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Coming Soon: The 606

What is “The 606?”  I didn’t know either when their tweets started popping up on my feed, but it’s now clear.  The Bloomingdale Trail has been re-branded as “The 606.”  You see, one block north […]