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Bad Climate News (Is There Any Other Kind?)

Some people choose to ignore climate change.  Some deny that an overpopulated planet with billions of humans pumping endless amounts of carbon dioxide into the air can alter things even a little bit.  Some think […]



The Golden Rule of the Road: Respect the Right of Way

I’ve learned a few things being a full-time cyclist on the roads of Chicago for the past 7+ years.  I’ve learned not to block the right turn lane when waiting to go straight at a […]



Prius Route to Rock, Vol. 116: Bike to Work Rally, Wicker Park’s Green Music Fest, Strand of Oaks

We’re officially at the time of the year where there’s more stuff to do than one person can possibly get to.  It’s how we do the summertime in Chicago…  This weekend you can celebrate the […]


15: Robert Plant

Lin Gets the Led Out For Friday Feature Robert Plant & Friends [Watch]

It ain’t easy covering Led Zeppelin. When a band’s sound is compared to the Hammer of the Gods, they are not easily copied or covered. What does this mean? Some of my favorite Led Zeppelin […]