My 5 Lives: Bruce Springsteen & ColdplayThe Boss and Coldplay are known to put on epic live performances. Here are five songs that prove it (all night!)
Arcade Fire, The Orwells, Real Estate - New Noise at Nine. Thursday February 23, 2017Hear the latest from some XRT faves and maybe some of your NEW ones!
Jazz Transfusion Playlist February 19,2017
Spoon, Depeche Mode, Imagine Dragons - New Noise at Nine. Thursday February 16, 2017See the playlist from this week's New Noise at Nine.
Lin's Loving Valentine's Day Playlist [Listen]I chose to mix up the vintages and feature songs that XRT has played over the years.
Jazz Transfusion Playlist February 12,2017
Local Anesthetic Playlist For Sunday, January 22, 2017 [Playlist & Free Download]Sorry, playing catch up on some posts. Sue me.
My 5 Lives: The Allman Brothers Band "Blue Sky"An XRT listener prompted Ryan Arnold to dig deep and come up with 5 live recordings of The Allman Brothers Band's 1972 classic "Blue Sky." Here's what he found!
Jazz Transfusion Playlist February 5,2017
Local Anesthetic Playlist For Sunday, February 5, 2017 [Playlist & Free Download]New tunes from American Cosmonaut, Barrelhouse Chuck, Minor Moon, Strange Lovelies, The Hacky Turtles, Boy Meets Robot and Akasha
8 Upcoming Concerts That Will Help You Get Through The Dog Days of WinterIt's time to bust out the credit card, there's only one way to help get through the final stretches of winter.
Jazz Transfusion Playlist January 29,2017

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