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Caribou (By: Roger Kisby // Getty Images)

The Big Beat: October 27, 2014 [Playlist]

The Big Beat is Chicago Radio’s premiere program for modern sounds from artists both domestic and abroad. It’s the kind of music that flies just under the radar of the mainstream. Hosted by XRT’s Marty […]



Jazz Transfusion Playlist October 26, 2014

song-artist Cobra-Miles Davis Red Mask-Tohpati Pop Virgil-Stanley Clarke Give It Up-The Skinny Trophy Set-Throttle Elevator Music The Peasant-Absolute Ensemble Jitterbug Waltz-Jason Moran Blues For Dracula-Philly Joe Jones Joy-Walter White The Witch-Patrick Williams Ziggy The Crooner-Afro […]


Sacrificial Youth

Anesthetic Playlist For Sunday, October 26, 2014 [Playlist & Free Download]

As disparate as the artists on last night’s Local Anesthetic were in their presentation and attitude, the show sounded like what it should be; the best mix of what’s new in Chicago music. New bands […]


The Beatles in 1964 (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Breakfast With The Beatles – October 26, 2014

Breakfast With The Beatles – October 26, 2014 8 AM The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows Paul – Helen Wheels Rodger Hodgson – Across The Universe George – Love Scene (Wonderwall) Ringo – La De […]


(MPL / Mary McCartney)

8 Music Related Myths And Urban Legends For Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween? If a good costume is your problem, we touched on that a little bit here, but there’s more to Halloween than just dressing up. Halloween is a magical night that happens once a year, and it’s fun to get in the spooky halloween spirit. To help you out, XRT is getting a little freaky with some myths, urban legends and scary stories. I’m not talking about Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster. No, we’re staying strictly in the world of music. So put on a mysterious album, because here are 8 myths and urban legends from music.



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