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Native Chicago Artists You Should Know More About [Playlist]

Chicagoans are proud of a lot of things: our diversity, our pizza, our art, and obviously, our music.  During the course of a typical year, the amount of incredible festivals, fairs, workshops, and public performances that make Chicago their home is incomparable to many other places.  There is no denying that this city brings in a ton of talent to entertain and inspire us.



Anesthetic Playlist For “The History of Chicago Funk And Soul (Part 9)” [Playlist & Free Download]

After nine episodes of the “Chicago History of Funk and Soul”, Dante Carfagna and me are like a well-oiled, 7″ single spinning machine. What’s become clear to me in the ten years since Dante’s first […]



The Chief! Blues Breakers Playlist, Monday, October 20, 2014

Tom Marker’s Blues Breakers for October 20, 2014 Artist of the Week: Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater   EDDY CLEARWATER – TOO OLD TO GET MARRIED From Eddy’s new, live record, Soul Funky. Celebrate with Eddy […]


Sleater-Kinney (By: Karl Walter//Getty Images)

The Big Beat: October 20, 2014 [Playlist]

The Big Beat is Chicago Radio’s premiere program for modern sounds from artists both domestic and abroad. It’s the kind of music that flies just under the radar of the mainstream. Hosted by XRT’s Marty […]


Jazz Transfusion Playlist October 19,2014

song-artist Vibe-Steps Ahead Rub The Buddha-Sylvan Street Remember-Eric Johnson/Mike Stern Brain Teaser-Victor Bailey The Ocean-Robin Eubanks Star Of Jupiter-Kurt Rosenwinkel Blues For Lampedusa-Michael Fiorino Red And Orange-John Abercrombie Wonderville-Andy Waddell Pageant-Oregon Speak No Evil-Dave Liebman […]



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