Don't Forget to Bring a Toy to the XRT Shows with Houndmouth, Squeeze, The Arcs, & Los Lobos! [Holiday Concerts for the Kids]
Music For Lovers
The Pogues' James Fearnley talks about "Fairytale of New York" this Christmas Afternoon On XRTSee that guy spinning records on the radio this Christmas day? That'll be me from 2pm-6pm.
Let It Snow: The Next Generation [Watch]
Local Anesthetic 2014 Holiday Spectacular Playlist [Playlist & Free Download]
Hometown Holiday Classics
Tune In To The Christmas Club With Johnny & Andy TONIGHT On XRTJAM Productions’ resident Christmas music specialists, Andy Cirzan and John Soss, mine their renowned holiday vinyl collections to unearth some forgotten soul, blues, jazz, gospel, and country classics.
5 Christmas Classics
A Holiday Celebration with Run DMC/'Soul Christmas' [Watch]
The 2014 Local Anesthetic Holiday Spectacular This Sunday Night at 8!!!!
Freshen Up Your Holiday Playlist with Radiohead & Christmas UnicornsChristmas songs are like avocados. You wait all year to hear them, or all week for them to ripen, and then you're allotted a very short amount of time to enjoy the heck out of them.
Hump Day Unusual Moment: It's A Cow Christmas "We Three Cows" [Listen] Podcasts
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