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The scary delight of the season captured in a single figure. (Photo by Frank E. Lee)

How To Decorate For Christmas

Any attempt to make your house or apartment shine for the season is a good thing. It means that you are not completely rational. You realize that logic has its limits. You understand that there […]



It’s That Time Of The Year Again, XRT’s Holiday Nights Begin Thursday

Do you like your holiday music to be a little left of center? Then we have the holiday soundtrack for you!


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Hump Day Unusual Moment: Preston Penn “Little Pee Wee (Christmas Tree)”

Preston Penn was born in Oklahoma in 1930. A World War II veteran, Mr. Penn raised quarter horses and rabbits in Texas for most of his life. He also dabbled in the recording business. Christmas […]


(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Long Time with Kyle Long: A Thanksgiving Turkey [Listen]

The Chicago Bears had to work on the Thanksgiving holiday, so Kyle Long told us about their Thanksgiving celebration on Friday. He also spoke about how thankful he was to have a Lance Briggs’ leadership […]


photo by Frank E. Lee

Sweet Potato Convert

I can’t recall where I found this recipe, but it’s a perfect combination of sides that fills the need for the starchy part of a Thanksgiving feast. It’s basically a mixture of mashed sweet and […]


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Reasons To Be Thankful, Part One

We are supposed to be grateful all the time, but especially when the calendar says it’s time. It’s much easier in the short term to complain and point out the things beyond our control that […]


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The Great Mall in the Sky: A Requiem for the Shopping Mall [Watch]

With the arrival of the holiday season (finally!), comes the obligatory holiday shopping season (web posting). In the news recently was the announcement that the Lincoln Mall in south suburban Matteson would be closing following […]


(Photo: Ray Knoll)

Lin Brehmer’s Halloween 2014 Diary [Listen]

“Hold still,” she scolded. Mary Dixon was doing what she does second best. Face painting. The XRT Morning Show had yielded to her grand scheme to tie our Halloween to The Museum of Contemporary Art’s […]


(Photo: Marty Rosenbaum/WXRT)

Look at These Scary Monsters

Happy Halloween from the ‘XRT Morning Show! We’re dressing up as various incarnations of David Bowie today. Besides the obvious that the Thin White Duke had the choicest costumes, we’re doing it as a public service to remind you that the Museum of Contemporary Art is offering discounted admission to David Bowie Is if you’re in costume today between 5 and 10pm.