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Lakes (photo via J. Scott)

Lakes Finds Beauty In It All On New Album Fire Ahead [Interview]

“It’s a really personal album,” Roberts said. “I went through a pretty dark time in my life and the album is kind of a story of me coming out of that and seeing my life get a lot less dark and a lot more hopeful.”


(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Relive Lollapalooza With XRT

Looking to extend the Lollapalooza weekend just a little bit longer? Lollapalooza lives year round with XRT. Marty Lennartz visited with a host of artists ranging from festival first timers to veteran headliners. While festival […]


John Butler (photo: Zack Nechvatal)

John Butler Shares New Inspiration, The Wonders of The Internet, & The Magpie At Lollapalooza [Interview]

“It’s great, I don’t know if it’s the internet or our fans, but people are new to music so much sooner than the last album. People were singing the lyrics to these songs sometimes the first time they were hearing them live, that was really cool.”


Mark Foster (photo: Zack Nechvatal)

Foster The People Talk ‘Torches’ Return And ‘Supermodel’ Secrets [Interview]

Three years can be a very long time, just ask Foster The People fans who patiently waited for the follow up to their spectacular synthy debut Torches released in 2011. The wait was worth it […]


Lucius at Lollapalooza (photo: WXRT)

Everything Is Twice As Nice With Lucius and Lennartz Live At Lollapalooza [Interview]

In the magical realm that is ‘Backstage at Lollapalooza’, there comes a point when attempting to differentiate musicians from crew from media becomes a terminal exercise. Everyone melts into a sea of colored wristbands and  […]



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