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Gerald Dowd

Local Anesthetic Playlist For Sunday, November 2, 2014 [Playlist & Free Download]

For as much as this man works, you’d expect Gerald Dowd to be a Type A personality. You know; at best, just a touch overbearing and kind of a general noodge. I knew, however, before […]



Anesthetic Playlist For “The History of Chicago Funk And Soul (Part 9)” [Playlist & Free Download]

After nine episodes of the “Chicago History of Funk and Soul”, Dante Carfagna and me are like a well-oiled, 7″ single spinning machine. What’s become clear to me in the ten years since Dante’s first […]


Minor Characters "Voir Dire"

Local Anesthetic Playlist For Sunday, October 5, 2014 [Playlist & Free Download]

Never fear; by the 14th attempt I was able to pronounce Voir Dire as “vwah deer” and not any of the other ways I had been pronouncing it the previous thirteen. By the way; I […]


Mike Musikanto of Crow Moses

Local Anesthetic Playlist for Sunday, September 21, 2014

An enjoyable and enlightening conversation with Mike Musikanto of Crow Moses on Sunday night’s Local Anesthetic. Affable and quick witted, Mike shed just enough illumination on the content, motivation and processes that went in to […]


AFP/Getty Images

“In The End, Radio Is Everything” Bono Chats With Marty Lennartz [Listen]

Earlier today Bono spoke with Marty Lennartz from Dublin about a host of topics ranging from U2’s latest release Songs Of Innocence, how their relationship with Apple came to be, and more. Before digging into specifics about his music, Bono praised XRT and the partnership the station has with the band exclaiming “it’s a relationship that we treasure and one of the few stations that was with us from the very beginning.”



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