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"We used songs as a medium of getting out the information to a wide segment of the population, through the best medium available in Liberia — radio."
As Jason Thomas announced yesterday, Foo Fighters will be returning to Chicago on August 29, 2015 to perform at Wrigley Field as part of the Sonic Highways tour.
His feet don't just stomp on drum and hi-hat pedals; they now model relaxed footwear as well.
The Boston Bruins took on the Buffalo Sabres this past Saturday Night taking home a 4-0 victory. Due to a break in the schedule, the team arrived a day early in Buffalo.
If you talk to Mr. Page about the Led Zeppelin reissues, don't use the term "bonus tracks."
Chicagoans are proud of a lot of things: our diversity, our pizza, our art, and obviously, our music.  During the course of a typical year, the amount of incredible festivals, fairs, workshops, and public performances that make Chicago their home is incomparable to many other places.  There is no denying that this city brings in a ton of talent to entertain
After nine episodes of the “Chicago History of Funk and Soul”, Dante Carfagna and me are like a well-oiled, 7″ single spinning machine. What’s become clear to me in the ten years since Dante’s first […]
Tom Marker’s Blues Breakers for October 20, 2014 Artist of the Week: Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater   EDDY CLEARWATER – TOO OLD TO GET MARRIED From Eddy’s new, live record, Soul Funky. Celebrate with Eddy […]
Of course, reality is plenty terrifying all by itself, but movies generally have better endings and the boring interludes are (usually) edited out. Plus, all the characters are attractive. (At least, the ones we root […]
“The weirdest moment of my life,” said Dave Grohl a couple times. The harmonic convergence of a new album recorded in the town where a show by Naked Raygun at The Cubby Bear re-wired his future. Grohl was now playing the same club with his band Foo Fighters. Use any metaphor you want. Time is a flat circle. 360 degrees. Returning to where it all started. It

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