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He's barely recognizable, but that's him.
Regardless, Springsteen is being honest as he supports his turn as an author, with the children's book Outlaw Pete.
Nice to see they are remaining active in non-traditional ways between projects.
Tune into XRT this Sunday night to hear one of the most unique individuals in rock and roll. Frank Zappa is a man revered by many and his influence reaches a broad spectrum of artists.
It's a tale so scary it's only told once a year, and now, we've got video footage.
There will not be a shortage of newly released Bob Dylan music for the next year or so.
Aaaaannd we have our first cancellation of the year. However, it came much later than normal. Hear Marty & Sarah discuss changes in TV viewership and why it took so long for a network to cancel a show.
Yes, it’s Halloween time. By now you have probably seen your fair share of ghosts and goblins in store windows, pumpkins on families’ front steps, and decorative tombstones on lawns. And sure, I bet you’ve heard enough of the cliché Halloween songs that get played over and over again this time of year.
We’ve been playing the Chicago song from Sonic Highways (“Something From Nothing”) quite a bit on XRT these past few weeks, and now the band has posted another track for our enjoyment.  “Congregation” was recorded […]
The incident took place on Feb. 20 of this year.

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