Local Anesthetic Playlist For Sunday, July 24, 2016 [Playlist & Free Download]

It was a pleasure to get together with Max and Julien from Whitney on last night’s Local Anesthetic. Sure, I fawned over the excellence of the band’s debut, Light Upon The Lake, just a tad too much but let me tell you something; Light is just heads and tails better than the majority of the music that makes its way in to the Anesthetic mailbox. There are not only real songs here but the arrangements and performances are clever, sincere, surprising and a joy to listen to. Check out how the album opener, “No Woman”, unfurls in ways that show Max and Julien wanted this record to be as good as it could be. Light Upon the Lake is ten tracks, thirty minutes. Follow that blueprint on your next project and see what shakes out. Whitney have set the bar awfully high in 2016 and God bless ’em for doing so. Dig in to the vibe and creativity of Whitney and Light Upon the Lake on last night’s Local Anesthetic at the link below. Thank you for listening.

    Local Anesthetic Playlist – July 24, 2016 with special guest, Whitney:

  • ”No Woman”
  • ”The Falls”
  • ”Light Upon the Lake”
  • ”Red Moon”
  • ”No Matter Where We Go”
  • ”Follow”

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