Local Anesthetic Playlist For Sunday, July 10, 2016 [Playlist & Free Download]

I just wrote a synopsis of last night’s show for the podcast and described the subject matter as “songwriting, recording, touring performing and other stuff”. That sounds about as uninviting a show as one would fear, right? Like something out of Monty Python. “Oh, no! Not that again!” Fortunately (I think), Valaska‘s Dave Valdez and I got deep in to those subjects and more on last night’s Local Anesthetic. I also dug Dave’s diplomatic intro to some of his answers after I had pretty much asked the same question three different ways; “Well, if I’m understand your question correctly…” Ha! Love that! Yeah, it wasn’t like I wasn’t happy with his first (or, even, second answer), I just didn’t feel that I was getting the initial query expressed properly. If anything, oddly enough, that’s a reflection of the depth of Valaska‘s songs and how interested I am in their actual creation. How often does that happen on a yearly basis? Just a couple of times. Dig in to my meandering questions and Dave Valdez’s interpretation of such on last night’s Local Anesthetic at the link below. Thank you, as always, for listening.

    Local Anesthetic Playlist – July 10, 2016 with special guest, Dave Valdez of Valaska:

  • ”Spring”
  • ”Violence”
  • ”Sad Bones”
  • ”Sleep”

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