Terrible Musical Pick Up Lines

It’s summertime and love is in the air. If you’re hoping to meet that special someone that shares your love of music, you’ll want to be sure to have all your bases covered ahead of time.

No, we’re not asking you to keep up to date on the most obscure b-sides, or which folk-reggae fusion bands are hot right now. It’s all about the approach.

With that in mind, we’ll give you a go-to pickup line guide for music fans. By no means will this work, but if you have little shame then go at it!

Best Musical Pickup Lines (Only if you’re looking for a good laugh)

Will you take this bass on a walk with me?
This amp goes to 10, I go to 11
You had me at cello
I don’t want this to sound flat, but I’ve been told I’m pretty sharp
I heard your remix, I like the original better
Baby you can drive my car, just like The Beatles did
Play your records backwards and you won’t stop hearing my name

Ok that’s enough for now. If you have any corny (but PG) pickup lines, leave ’em in the comments.

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